Energy Report October 2016

A New Reality

We are in the midst of an extensive, complex and demanding transition as we build a new soul embodied reality while still wading through the debris of the old. At times the pace of transition seems unbearable slow and never ending as we endure the intensity of these disruptive energies. And yet within the relentlessness of this time some important work is being done. We are healing and releasing the habitual patterning of our human consciousness to enable the creation of a new heart and soul guided reality.

In September life changing events and transformations were initiated by the eclipses, which resulted in the release and healing of layers and layers of energetic patterning. A profound purging and clearing of your soul energy ensued which prepared you for the opening of the Equinox gateway. This Equinox shifted you into a totally new reality and a new cycle that is pregnant with the possibilities of a whole new life. Your new life begins to unfold as you learn to be fully conscious and fully embodied within your physical form. This new cycle requires that you learn how to live from your heart, to come from your heart in all your actions and in ways that are grounded, functional and effective. Thus enabling you to make wise, compassionate and effectual choices in these chaotic and challenging times.

Currently you are still integrating and processing the effects of September’s energy. With two new moons and a powerful full moon this month there is an intensity and urgency being brought to the new life you are creating. You are no longer being held back by the limitations of your past and therefore you are able to forgive and heal the wounds of the past. You are being offered the healing and resolution of many long standing issues, both from this lifetime and from others. Events and situations are calling you to look deeply into your heart and soul to heal, reassess and rework these issues. Dormant emotions and unresolved issues may well come to the surface during this time, giving you the push you need to resolve deep and critical matters.

In the midst of this profound transition you are connecting to the limitlessness of your heart and the wisdom of your soul. The more you remain disengaged from your heart the more you stand in your own way. You have a responsibility to heal and transform yourself; to realize that everything you do, feel and think affects everything and everyone else. Old fears and insecurities no longer have a place in this new reality, which gives you the courage you need to engage with your heart and embody more of your soul. In this way you become more conscious and better able to make the necessary changes required to heal and set yourself free from the past.

The new reality you have entered is inspiring you to engage in and re-awaken the value of a fully unified way of being. In this new reality you will come to realign and reactivate your full power, which makes it possible for you to live from your core being, fully present in each moment. You will uncover the power and force that comes when aligning and unifying your soul, heart and body. You will re-pattern your soul to reconnect with your true cosmic origins and thus bring greater amounts of compassion, love and optimism to your journey of healing, growth and evolution.

The alignment of your heart and soul is key to this evolutionary process. Aligning your heart and soul gifts you with the ability to create a new life based on the internal authority of who you truly are. It requires a total realignment of the four chambers of your soul with the four chambers of your heart, the four regions of your brain and your four energy bodies. Physically we know that the heart pumps blood around the body. But there is another, spiritual, aspect to the heart where the heart pumps the energy of the soul through its own four chambers, the four regions of the brain and through the four energy bodies. The four chambers of your heart at as transformational portals and contain the divine gifts of love, wisdom, power and vision. Each of these gifts is needed for you to act in balance in the world.

As you center yourself in your heart its four chambers become strong, clear and open enabling an alignment with the four chambers of your soul. Your soul contains four different chambers which contain the energy of your current life, your past lives, your karma and your destiny. As your heart and soul align the illuminating energy, power and wisdom of your soul flows through each chamber to activate and awaken the light of your divinity. Your soul then expands taking this light into the four regions of your brain and your four energy bodies. Your individuality then begins to fade revealing a gateway to infinity where you will discover your truest and deepest self.

During this powerful time it is important to realize that you cannot heal your future unless you heal your present, you cannot heal your present unless your heal your past, you cannot heal your past unless you know your karma, you cannot know your karma unless you know your destiny. Recognize that you are in deed fully responsible for your own healing.

Show up and be present in your life and all that you need know will be revealed. Become deeply aware of the healing being offered to you now. You have earned the right to this new life. Allow yourself to emerge from within the sacredness of who you are. Look beyond the limits of your past and expand your horizon. Unleash your joy and dance into this new life with respect and gratitude. Rise above petty fears and concerns and serve as a beacon of light. Do not be afraid of your power. You have come to this planet with a unique destiny and it is now time to unleash and reveal the special virtues and qualities you have carried within your soul.


zorro 14th October 2016 11:34 am

Yes, yes, Kate.

Eyewitness 3rd November 2016 5:31 pm

This is so powerful!! I agree with everything you said!! I am responsible for my own healing.... if I show up and give it my ALL things will change!. That's the message we all passionately agree is true. Well... I've been showing up much longer than you have been alive and I'm not being 'guided' to anything. There is, after all, only so much one can possibly do, again and again, and when nothing 'happens'... then what? Its my fault, give more and more and more! Show UP! Get Responsible!! Do It! Yes! Then nothing changes again.... and you sit quietly... and watch as young happy people tell you all about 'what it takes' and 'what will happen when you finally do it right' and ultimately:. What do we really know about how it all works? You believe 'this'... I believe 'that'. Those who suffer keep suffering. What, exactly does it take, I wonder.... Unless you can find a way to change, A: Your physical ability. B: Your financial resources C: Your mental health. How can you expect to change anything at all? I don't see a way...


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