Currently, humanity is experiencing a living death, a process of dramatic transformation that is taking us from one form and into another, from one world and into another. With the Equinox today a moment of change is marked, and a new season of transformation begins. This is a moment of profound transition where we stand on the axis point between death and rebirth. Here we are urged to recalibrate and balance the physical with the spiritual and the head with the heart.

The Equinox is a turning point where the incoming energies are assisting you in clearing and realigning your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies to facilitate a deeper union with your soul. You may find yourself feeling pulled in different directions as your feelings are exaggerated and the density of your emotions, thoughts and beliefs are transformed by the incoming light. Be aware that the energetic clutter of old patterns is being dissolved allowing for an outward manifestation of your inner transformation and change.


Sheena 22nd September 2021 10:40 am

Thank you, Kate!

Absolutely beautiful and just the confirmation I needed . Your posts are always spot on for me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you : )


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