Freedom From Karmic Constraints

Currently we are still processing and integrating the effects of this past weekends Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse. In this time, we are being offered the healing and resolution of many long standing issues, both from this lifetime and from others. Events and situations arising now are triggering dormant emotions and unresolved issues giving us the push we need to resolve and release the past. As a result, there is an intensity and an urgency driving us to consciously work with and understand the needs and purpose of our Soul.

At this time there is a divine impulse inspiring you to redirect, recreate and reshape your life. Allow this impulse to take root within you. Allow it to initiate the release of all that is in the way of you fulfilling your soul’s purpose. As emotions surface remember that you are being guided through this profound transition. Trust what you are being called to do. Trust in the ebb and flow of life and know that the discomfort of this time will pass. Cultivate your faith and observe what is unfolding, both internally and externally, as the limits of the past are released and you are freed from karmic constraints.

Much love



Bonnie Waters 24th June 2020 5:00 pm

Thank you, Kate, for all your posts - they are very helpful and encouraging! Much love to you.


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