Jupiter Retrograde

With Jupiter now adding to the mix of retrograde planets the next few months promise to hold an abundance of pure healing energy. This energy will compel us to reconnect with the deepest aspects of ourselves. Anything that has been oppressing our authenticity and freedom will be exposed. Anything that is contributing to the suppression of our soul will be revealed. What we believe will be weighed against what we know.

It is imperative for your awakening, healing and growth that you transform those areas within yourself that keep you stuck, broken or fractured. During this retrograde season you will be asked to identify where healing is being demanded, to face, clear and release the trauma of your past. By fearlessly examining your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain you are able to eliminate old entrenched patterns and wounds. By releasing the energy associated with these wounds and patterns you are able to consciously access and reconnect with the power and truth of your soul.

It is only possible to overcome your fear, pain and suffering when you are willing to confront and illuminate whatever is blocking the your life.

Much love



VAARRR 14th May 2020 8:51 am

I'll use Kate's message to report from myself ;)

today introduced a new 5in "ordinary" people to feel the heart, this is the first significant step for the unity of mankind


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