Let Go of Distractions

The form and structure of our world continues to dissolve bringing to a close certain aspects of our lives and our reality. We are being forced to let go of the past and the foundations of our reality which have sustained the dysfunctional facets of life on Earth. As a result, we are being urged to heal the ancient wounds of the past which have kept us stuck in continuous cycles of pain and suffering. 

You may feel like you are being pushed to your limits as light floods the planet exposing the shadows and the unhealed parts of both yourself and the collective. Old wounds are now visible which may trigger feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and overwhelm. The only stability now is found within. Let go of distractions and allow yourself to fully experience this metamorphic process. Give yourself time to turn inwards. Tune out the external world and recalibrate and reorientate yourself within your soul. 


VAARRR 18th July 2021 10:58 am

shortcut from my
15 in the evening and then 16 a day we got new activations and raised some to 5D......
17 These energies were distributed and distributed around the world
18 today we have how. assimilation of these energies- and how to use them - rethinking 3-4D of life....(weigh, scale, ponder, balance.......

PS,,,, for all synchronizations and settings- all


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