Light & Shadows

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse over the weekend has brought a different kind of intensity to the incoming energies of this time. Our capacity to change and adjust to the new circumstances in our world is being tested. Shadows of the past are coming to light exposing events and circumstances that were previously obscured. As a result, we are being purged of old desires, fears and attachments, the consequences of which are now impossible to ignore.

As the shadow moves into the light life may feel especially charged, overwhelming and confusing. Your current challenges may feel magnified as your perception expands exposing the hidden or shadow aspects of yourself and your world. Observe what is being brought to light. Work with what arises without feeling the need to control and manipulate reality. Remove any notions of self-judgment and recognise that this is an opportunity to reintegrate the discarded and rejected aspects of you. Avoid hesitation and indecision and step into the space of wholeness now.

Much love



Meg 6th July 2020 11:44 am

Thank you for the message.


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