Lunar Eclipse

Today’s eclipse is the first of a trio and marks the beginning of an eclipse gateway that will shift us into a new phase of awakening, healing and growth. As the Earth, Sun and Moon align the incoming energies are catalysing our soul path and accelerating our journey. The speed of our awakening, healing and growth is increasing quite dramatically illuminating that which is best for our soul.

At this time entrenched, unsustainable and outdated patterns are radically changing. As a result, emotions are heighted and you may feel confused, overwhelmed and uncertain. Cultivate a strong and calm perspective. Know that you are transitioning into a more balance and harmonious space. Remember that with this eclipse gateway you are moving into a cycle of growth that will bring a stronger sense of purpose and a deeper awareness of your soul. Be fully present to what is occurring as this will enable you to make wise, compassionate and effectual choices in these chaotic and challenging times.

Much love




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Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings and knowledge for the healing and ascension of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. All written information, messages and articles are my own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.


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