Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde is a key cosmic event that will direct the final few months of this year. 2020 has brought dramatic life changes and now with Mars retrograde we get to revisit these changes one more time. The energy of this retrograde will give us a deeper understanding of the instinctual and habitual motives which drive us. We are encouraged to review and reassess our choices and our plans to determine whether they are in fact in alignment with our soul.

This may be a challenging time for many as all that you have been through this year resurfaces for review. You may find that what you have wanted to do or achieve has shifted and changed. Be mindful of this as you navigate the energy of the next few months. Give yourself time to connect with the hidden parts of yourself. Observe what emerges and consciously work to shed those aspects that you have outgrown. Release your attachments and pay attention to where you are placing your energy.

Much love




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