Mercury Finally Moves Out Of Retrograde - New Moon

Thursday 6 December 2018 - Mercury Goes Direct

At last we come to the end of the final Mercury retrograde of 2018! Just in time for the holidays! The retrograde saga, which has been a big theme this year, is almost over! It's not that retrograding planets are necessarily bad, they can just be rather challenging as we are seemingly forced into a space of introspection and delay. When we learn to work with the energies of these retrograding planets we find that these periods can be very useful.

2018 has definitely not been what I expected.....I don't know what I expected but this wasn't it. With all the retrograding planets much of what I wanted to do this year had to be put on the back burner while I dealt with what was cropping up in the moment. In January I wrote out a list of all the things I wanted to achieve and complete this year. I recently found the list (thanks Mercury) and realised I have completed exactly two things on that list! With a sigh I just crossed out the 2018 and made it 2019.

Its time to move on and the Universe is on our side!

Friday 7 December 2018 - Flow

We are built to move forwards, to evolve, to grow and to expand. Inaction is what creates stress, illness, depression and imbalance. Taking action leads to a state of flow. Flow creates passion, excitement and joy. Purposeful action opens doors and activates new possibilities. By actively following a path of healing, growth and expansion we naturally initiate harmony (flow) and balance.

Today's New Moon marks a new beginning. Take time over the next few days to set the intention to create balance, harmony and flow in your life.



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