Mercury Retrograde

Adding to the mix of retrograde energy we now have Mercury retrograding until the 12th July. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are the other five that are currently retrograding. This intense energy is acting as a powerful catalyst for transformation giving us the push we need to change. Mercury is retrograding in the astrological sign of Cancer which means that we can expect deep repressed emotions to surface. It's an opportunity to finally release what's been buried freeing ourselves from this burden of pain.

It is important over the next three weeks to allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. Observe what arises from a higher perspective as you may find yourself reflecting on the past as old wounds surface for healing and release. See the lessons and the learning you have gained from the past as gifts which made a profound difference to your life. Remove any judgement or criticism. Be gentle, kind and compassionate with yourself at this time as you are being blessed with divine healing.

Much love




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