Moment of Choice

For most of this month we have been encouraged to discard our old ways and to embrace new perspectives, new understandings and finally a new beginning. As a result, many have been pushed into places and spaces which are challenging and uncomfortable as we face the realization that real change is needed. Everything that is surfacing now is showing us where we need to break free from old behaviours, old habits and the repeating reactions that no longer serve us.

This is a powerful moment of choice where you are urged to observe and consider your next step. New understandings and realizations are surfacing now that will reveal the deeper aspects of your psyche where healing is still needed. Direct your attention away from the need to judge or criticize and focus on what you can do differently. Be open to the subtle shifts in perspective that give you greater self-awareness and understanding. Recognise that the choices you make now can take you beyond the limitations of the past or leave you unchanged and stagnant.


VAARRR 24th January 2022 12:41 pm

from me
we have already made a choice
now with each new portal we specify it

be aware of this sequence


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