Move Beyond Your Perceptions

The first few months of 2020 seem to have been a time of clearing out and cleaning up. We have descended into the very depths of being to retrieve long forgotten aspects of our soul. We have shifted timelines and crossed dimensions to reveal our hidden grief, pain and suffering. As a result, life is becoming more and more insistent forcing us to give attention to that which is needing to shift and change both internally and externally.

All that is occurring now is pushing you into greater alignment with the purity and honesty of your soul. You are being asked to act with consciousness, awareness and common sense in order to achieve your destiny. Perseverance is needed as you are being called to courageously embrace life in all its dimensions. Allow yourself to move beyond your perceptions and ideas of what is right and wrong. Recognise that now is the time to enter into the vastness of your soul to access your deepest truth and wisdom.

Much love



kcmack92 13th February 2020 12:39 pm

Have been following the Spirit Library for sometime.

For some reason ! Have been drawn to Kate's daily postings with some intensity...... Maybe my current situation is making me more aware of 'myself' !


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