Neptune Transits into Pisces 2012

As we continue upon our path of evolutionary growth and development, the shifts and changes we experience can be viewed through the movement of the planetary bodies within our galaxy. In astrology the movements of the planets and their impact on humanity is studied and analysed. All the planets transit through each astrological sign at their own pace and each operates in its own unique way. Planets such as Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are seen as generational planets because of their impact on the collective consciousness of humanity. The planets job is to promote change, growth and ultimately evolution. Uranus shocks and disturbs the existing order so that it may be replaced with a new one. Pluto destroys in order to reconstruct. Neptune dissolves, dilutes and creates chaos so that a new Spiritual awareness for humanity may be implemented.

Every time a planet transits its energy is influenced by the principals and characteristics of the astrological sign it is transiting, thus promoting both individual and collective changes.

Currently one such significant transit is the planet Neptune which has moved into the astrological sign of Pisces. Neptune began this transit into Pisces on the 4th April 2011 but then retrograded back into Aquarius on the 4th August 2011. On the 3rd February 2012 Neptune moved firmly back into Pisces.

The Neptune transit is significant because Neptune, which rules Pisces and is a planet that governs Spirituality, creativity and artistic expression, will occupy this space until 2025. This event will impact our society and each and everyone upon the planet. How you align with the Universal flow of energy and the new consciousness that Neptune's transit will bring, will be a conscious choice you are required to make. Within this incredible shift you will be able to either experience the unity and connectedness you have been seeking for so long, or if your choice is to deny this new consciousness, the consequences may well be isolation and or psychological confusion and turmoil.

Neptune is seen as the Soul Teacher and Pisces as the sign of the collective unconscious. The energy of Pisces is persuasive and hold the ability to dissolve the oldest patterns and the thickest blocks as it stirs the waters of the collective unconscious. The collective consciousness contributes to events and experiences in our lives. The law of cause and effect operates not only individually but also through groups of people as they form specific families and societies. Neptune in Pisces will bring a collective awareness and attention to the suffering of humanity and the consequential urge to relieve this suffering through societal changes. A release of the collective feelings of fear, hate and depravity will result, urging us on both an individual and collective level to forgive those who have hurt, damaged and or enslaved us.

To cope with these energies and the urgings of the collective it is vital that we move into the flow of evolutionary energies. By deeply connecting with the Divine Creator we allow for healing, forgiveness, compassion and change. To implement the necessary transformations required on a collective level we must first connect with and heal the inner self. Most of humanities issues and problems stem from a loss of contact with the inner self. Because of this many of us carry negative patterns of energy we inherited along with our DNA. Uncovering and healing these inherited patterns of negative thought, emotion and feeling is key. Only once you become aware of these patterns are you able to successfully heal and release them. Connecting with the inner self is what promotes healing, personal growth and evolution. By connecting with your inner self change is guaranteed and as a result the world around you begins to improve. This will create changes within your

DNA that will awaken a deep and profound sense of self, which will free you from any over identification with your inherited negative patterns. This energy can then be redirected to activate your Divine Blueprint. The course of your destiny will change and you will be able to effortlessly manifest this blueprint into the world, becoming a conscious and responsible custodian of Earth.

The first step in your Spiritual path must be one of learning to connect with the inner self. Only from this place of connection are you able to understand that every living thing is interconnected and that you create your own reality based upon the patterns you contain within your heart, your mind and your Soul. The passage of Neptune in Pisces will bring the need for a deeper connection, which will encourage you to rediscover your Spiritual center. Compassion as a Spiritual value will increase our capacity for forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love, bestowing upon is a healing vision for the world that will encompass the healing of our hearts and a more creative and Spiritual vision for humanity.

In this time of accelerated growth you may have to confront some deep personal fears, disappointments and disillusionments. You capacity for compassion will increase thus gifting you with a deep sense of connection with your Divinity, which will aid you in this growth. It is imperative that within this new state of consciousness you live from a place of pure, authentic truth. To learn to believe in yourself, to believe in life and to recognise the truth that as children of the Divine Creator we are all ONE. This may inspire you to experience a renewed connection with the Divine Creator. And as you are challenged to probe deeply into your personal beliefs you may discover a new expression of your purpose.

During these powerful times I encourage you all to bear witness to the messages of your heart, to listen to the whispers of your Soul and to soar with the wings of your Spirit.


k 13th February 2012 1:48 pm

Interesting, this message starts out discussing the impact of the planets on society...but then ends up with.."you create your own reality"....and the consideration of the impact the plants have on the individual "reality" or their perceptions is totally ignored. We are in part responsible for our reality....but there are so many other aspects that influence our we are not alone responsible. In fact there is really very little we have control over until we meet the challenges that the other influences have on us and overcome them.

k 13th February 2012 2:12 pm

The reason I object so intensely to the idea that "you create your own reality" or "you attract what you are" is it tends to cause the person to wonder what is wrong with them when they have a difficult life. It counter acts the understanding that we are here to learn lessons and overcome the makes people think they are flawed when actually the reverse is true according to the ancients. People who do not have challenges and suffering are not here to grow spititually. Sultan Valad's poem tells us "if you do not feel pain, you do not look for healing". The alchemists and others recognized that the soul hung on the cross of the body is a process of transformation through suffering. We do not create our own least not until we have changed lead into gold...then "darkness flees before us"

KT 14th February 2012 5:06 am

I totally agree with "k" we are not in charge and we cannot create our reality in the simple sense of this statement, we have emotional body issues, mental body issues, which can keep us chained to a reality and have us knocking our heads against a brick wall, thinking" What the hell is happening here?" because we can't seem to make progress no matter how many meditations we do or books we read,we are the sum of our ancestors and that to me would be the first place to look when undergoing a blockage to flow of any kind, the mental body as I have found out and am still dealing with can have a very very strong hold on your reality, even when you feel that you have cleared so much! It is as they say an ongoing journey/challenge.......

k 15th February 2012 10:12 pm

Thanks KT, from what I have read there are many things that influence what we percieve as reality. The Cabalists suggest that our genetics/DNA has a big impact on us. We do carry the sins of our ancestores. The Cabalists also teach that the vibrations of the planets effect us, Jung wrote a great deal about the effect of the collective unconscious, the personal shadows and the animus/anima shadows. I think the achetypes he refers to can be considered in some respects to be the influence of the planets. So many variables go into what we percieve as reality. Most work on the subconscious level. Some we can influence with our conscious mind, but until all the debris is washed away we are not able to consciously create our own reality or I should say.....see/sense the real reality. When we see the real reality...the mundane reality we think is real does not matter anymore. Having a new car, beautiful house or perfect relationship is not significant anymore. Those things are not real and do not have value. So, those who say we create our own reality are deceitful, in my opinion.

k 15th February 2012 10:24 pm

Jung wrote "what is in the mind of man is imagination, what is in the mind of God is Reality" So, this idea of creating our reality is wrong to begin with. God's world exists around us, but the veil of illusion keeps us from seeing it. The mystics of the past did not focus on creating the ego based reality, they focused on seeing beyond the illusion to the real world that is created by God. As in the Gita.
By thy Grace I remember my Light
Gone now is my delusion,
My faith is firm, my doubts are no more
Now I can say 'Thy will be done'.

It is this last line that should be considered in the light of surrender. To have the third eye open, and see God's world we have to give up our expectations and desires in wanting to create out own reality and seek to see beyond the illusion, to see clearly, to see what God has created.

k 16th February 2012 1:15 am

I believe as the Gnostics did, we are in bondage in the Demiurge's kingdom. As long as we have desires and attachments to things in this dimension we will remain in this dimension to explore those desires, we will remain in the game until we do not want to play anymore. The Buddha taught us to let go of desires and attachments for a good reason...not only do they ultimately lead to suffering, but they also keep us in bondage to this dimension. So, as we try to maintain control of our reality...thinkng that we create our reality, it is really a desire to hold on to the illusion that we think is real. It is indeed all in our imagination and we may be able to create illusion after illusion as we choose to stay in the game and explore our desires. When we are ready to break the bondage of the Demiurge we let go of desires and attachments and we are on the course of seeing what is real...the third eye opens and we are able to see beyond our illusions. Do we think in our limited knowledge we can come close to creating anything to compare with what God has created?

Cillagirl 29th June 2012 6:49 pm

Great post Kate..! :)

I especially like the message of connecting to my inner self as this means so much to me right now. With Neptune & chiron transiting Pisces in my 5th house it is no wonder I've taken up surfing recently. Learning to surf, I'm discovering, is a very personal journey & one I am finally ready for.

k 1st July 2012 12:00 am

Thank you Cillagirl for bringing my written words back to me. In the dark of the night, we occassionally see the light in glimpses and then eventually a new day dawns and we can remember our Light and the words in the Gita are clear.


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