New Creations

The Solstice ushered in a magnificent new cycle of infinite potential and new creation. As a result the energies are pretty volatile as cosmic awakenings and activations are moving to shift and expand our consciousness. These energies will continue preparing us for the two powerful eclipses that are coming in July.

The Solstice energies flooded your consciousness with new levels of spiritual insight, clarity and wisdom. Sacred awareness is emerging from the luminous core of your soul accelerating your evolution and aligning you with the new rhythms and cycles of the Earth. Take this week to slow down, to integrate and to appreciate the space you are embodying now. Explore the vast regions of your soul and connect with its mystery. The door to your destiny is open.

Much love



Toni 25th June 2019 5:28 pm

Haha. The door to my destiny in density is open...yes. I can feel it somehow, like a peaceful knowing rather than an excitable expectant feeling really.

Just spent the past couple of weeks spring cleaning everything to be as clean & clear as possible for this last half of the year, starting with the Eclipse season. We've now got a constant pulse of plasma waves coming at us from the Pleiades Central Sun. Then there's the countdown through the gateways 7/7,8/8,9/9,10/10,11/11 as energy builds to trigger & clear the grief underneath all the anger & separation for the 12/12 – 21/12 gateway.

I'm being told its going to be like the movie Groundhog Day, where we just keep going round the same sequence until everything Earth related is polarized back to love.

Toni 26th June 2019 11:47 pm

:coolsmiley Too little, huh...Thing is, although the Omniverse is infinite & vast, we don't need to know everything about what makes it tick. You'd need to be the Omniverse to need to know that. However way inside the Omniverse in human land here we always have access to what we need to know when we need to know it, when one's heart & mind are open. We cannot access anyone else however we do have access to what pertains to us personally. Our brains seem to work very much like a computer.

Access to Soul in the Universal realm is a matter of uniting the masculine & feminine within @ 6D. From there one can download who they are & why they're here. Once we know that it's basically a matter of getting on with it, learning to know what I need to know for (4) the perfect timing of things. I ask Spirit to let me know what I need to know before the timing. Mostly it works. Telepathy is a 5D connection that requires open mind & no judgement in heart (not holding onto pain). Empathy, also 5D, open heart, non judgemental mind.

What is it you know too little about Nik?.

Toni 27th June 2019 7:19 pm

Lol...yes this is true. I was just curious because you brought it up. Thought maybe you wanted to share. I laugh as it does match a recent affirmation. “If they're not in my life, they're none of my business.” Lol well there you go.



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