New Moon Blessings

As the world disintegrates before us it can be a struggle and a challenge to maintain a positive attitude and a hopeful perspective. However, it is helpful to understand that we are moving through a period of intense transition and as such we are facing a process of deep purification and transformation. Our experiences are forcing us to radically change and to consciously choose from which side we wish to view the shifts that occurring in and around us. We can choose to see this as the end of the world, Armageddon, or we can choose to see this as the beginning of a new way of being, the birth of a new earth.

At this time, you have a powerful opportunity to really connect with your inner self as the incoming energies are enhancing your need to gently and compassionately heal the wounds of the past. Connecting with the inner self promotes healing and will awaken within you a profound sense of self that will free you from any over identification you have with the external world. As a result, you will be able to accept and acknowledge that what is being reflected in your life, and in the world, is the dissolution of the old. You will be able to accept that the birth of a new reality and a new world begins within you and is manifested through you.

Much love




VAARRR 20th July 2020 8:51 am

Hi I'll use Kate's message- for a message from me
3D is no more
now we pass 4D
ps.night 18-19,juli


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