Period of Purification

It’s been a big week energetically. The cosmic energy over the past month created a tremendous force for change which culminated with this week’s Full Moon. As we move into the weekend, we are urged to take some time to rest and reflect as the incoming energies have facilitated some deep-seated changes and inner transformation.

This week you completed an enormous cycle of growth which has created a shift in your internal energetic system. As a result, a deep clearing and detoxing process is underway that will clear away old, stagnant energy, refresh your entire system, and ultimately revitalize your life force energy. Remember that a period of purification always precedes your next evolutionary step.


VAARRR 26th June 2021 12:29 pm

Hi , message from me
today 26,6,21
next- the second solar flare (1- was in 2020 .....
about which Michael speaks.....
tune in ......


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