Perseverance Is Needed

The call for change and transformation will ultimately have an exceptionally positive impact on all areas of our lives, but may well be challenging and difficult in the moment. The shifts occurring now are initiating profound awakenings that will generate a more effective arrangement of our world. An arrangement that is more conscious, compassionate and sustainable.

Collectively and individually humanity is moving through a period of intense purification where all that is no longer needed is being released. For some this is a real challenge as attachments to the past are exposed and to let go is a seemingly overwhelming experience. But the past must be released for the new to emerge. As the old dies and the new is being born stay the course and know that you are being prepared for a greater life. This is the eye of the needle where perseverance is needed.

Much love



VAARRR 20th May 2020 10:18 am

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today 5d began to receive charm and color, which corresponds to the present 5d
(until today it was still a 3D interpretation in 5d),

and today we have reviewed future very deep
again for the next approach, and rejection of not corresponding to the new best
it's like looking at something else, to change, to refuse


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