Pure Potentiality

We are in the midst of a profound and mysterious transformation, a time of pure potentiality, which is urging us to reframe our life, to question our reality, our expectations and our attachments. We are healing the wounds of the past as every layer and every aspect of our existence crumbles. Nothing is what it seems which is forcing us to search for truth within ourselves.

It may seem impossible to move forward or to make plans with the ground continually shifting beneath you. Yet this is the time to be as open and as flexible as possible so that you are able to let go of your previous ideas about how life should be. At times the pace of this transition may seem unbearably slow and never ending as the intensity of the incoming energies continues to disrupt life as you know it. And yet this is a powerful opportunity to address, release and heal your habitual patterning and programming. Embrace it.

Much love



VAARRR 25th May 2020 10:42 am

to move forward , make plans

I use Kate's message to send a message from myself.

now is the time ,when it needs to be brought into the collective consciousness, the maximum number of positives, positive scenarios, patterns of behavior and interaction,
it will create in the collective consciousness of the people- positive changes in reality - the material world (politics, economics, justice,....)"
again, try to come up with, hear, tune in to these models so that they are as charming, warm, and joyful as possible......
yesterday 24,5,20 everything went to 5D, when you look from 7D it is visible........
and that 5D did not "jumping crazi" - their reality is kept like before-
but now they have the ability to perceive the magical- and this is why now is important to fill the space positive and magical,
will imagine how these new 5D people join the magic, as their guardian angels begin to involve in mental development, as the number of TV,internet programs about the soul, spiritual growth increases, and it speeds up and facilitates spiritual development of mankind


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