With this past weekend’s Solar Eclipse, we have reached a critical time in our journey where another layer of the energies, structures and patterns of the past is being cleared. To say the energies are uncomfortable is an understatement as deeply buried emotions are surfacing to be purified and released. Eclipses always trigger a profound awakening which can be challenging as the unconscious becomes conscious.  

When we let go of the past and our old beliefs and attachments, there can be a sense of loss, uncertainty, and fear as what comes in to replace the old takes time to surface within our consciousness. As a result, you may find yourself clinging to the past and your old ways in the hopes of finding some sense of stability and security. However, you are being pushed to let go, to surrender and to allow the old to fall away. Breathe deeply, focus on your heart, and give yourself permission to let go. Remember that you already have the strength, courage, and resilience you need to face this time.


VAARRR 6th December 2021 11:07 am

from me:
"With this past weekend’s Solar Eclipse, we have reached
this is probably the largest quantum reset of consciousness- (and something like leveling them all together....someone was lowered a little to illuminate a new level of collective consciousness
yesterday we had time to adapt, today we started from a blank slate in the material world, and even with a pure higher consciousness


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