Reconnecting to our Cosmic Origins

The energy of the New Moon of January 2009 has been intensely heightened by the energy of the Solar Eclipse.  It is during an Eclipse that the Moon, Sun and Earth are precisely aligned enabling electromagnetic energies from these celestial bodies to radiate together as beam of love and light towards our World.  This beam of energy creates an opening within the energetic grid of our reality enabling a shift, where old programs are erased, new patterns become available and higher dimensions more accessible. 

We have all been called to Earth at this critical stage of our Human Evolution, to be of service.  Part of our service to humanity is to help to undo the habitual patterns of our Human consciousness at the collective level and at the same time committing ourselves to creating and building a New Earth.

We have all chosen to enter into the Earth plane in service of the cosmic forces of Love and Light.  We come to this planet carrying many special and unique qualities and gifts that we are to be used for the creating and building of our New Earth.  As we connect with the energy of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, we are reconnected to our true cosmic origins, enabling us to embrace our Earthly existence and to offer our special gifts to this world.

As our sense of identity begins to shift to the Spirit aspect of ourselves, the energy of this time will calm and comfort us, allowing for us to move gently into the quite cave of our Soul where we can access the infinite source of unconditional love and understanding from our Creator, the Great Spirit.

We are moving away from a time where we were motivated by our fears and our instinctual need for survival, to a time of understanding and acceptance of the true gifts of Cosmic love and wisdom.  It is through our connection to the subtle realms of Spirit and the tangible physical world that we are being gifted with the inner strength and determination required for us to fulfil our destiny and our goal of ascension.

Each experience in the Human form is a gift and a privilege and it is during our Earth Walk that our Soul is gifted with many opportunities to physically access our Universal wisdom and knowledge, the love and light of our true essence.  These opportunities enable us to change patterns and beliefs that have been locked into the collective consciousness, giving us a chance to realign ourselves and our world with the original blueprints of our Creation.   

As we are given the opportunity to engage with the depths of our unconscious, our Spiritual Power is reactivated and our path to the mystery is revealed.  In following this pathway we are brought into union with the higher aspects of ourselves allowing for us to recreate a conscious relationship with the truth of daily life.  Our daily life is sacred and the way in which we walk our life each day is what matters most.

As we gently accept this stage of our consciousness, we break through yet another veil of the illusion enabling the Soul Body of Humanity to be anchored into the Earth plane, allowing us to be more fully of the Earth, yet still infused with our Spirit.  Our Spirit is being strengthened making it possible for us to trust that each step we take will move us closer and closer to the brilliance of our Soul.

We have been given our Earthly bodies to anchor into material form that which is eternal, infinite and perfect.  In accepting the gift and privilege of our Human form we are able to ground the forces of light and love within our Human experience, helping us to move swiftly along the path of our ascension, fulfilling our destiny.

The healing force of this energy has come to aid us in this time of enormous transformation and we are being asked to find the courage and strength required to rid ourselves of all obstacles, imbalances and limitations within our emotional and mental bodies.  Dysfunctional relationships, addictive patterns and self-imposed limitations which undermine our self-confidence and self-esteem are to be transformed, birthing true liberation within.  By accepting any long-repressed emotions and embracing any long denied and neglected suffering, pain and grief, we allow for the inner stillness of peace and tranquillity to soothe our Soul and revitalize our life force.

As we embrace life in all its dimensions, we strengthen ourselves and allow our Spirit to move beyond the confused emotions and perceptions of our past into the realm of unconditional love, wisdom and truth.  We are able to step into our wholeness, learning to freely shift between the flow of our emotions and the world of our intellect, bringing balance between these two aspects of the self.

Out of the deep darkness of our suffering we are now able to know ourselves to be whole in the midst of all that life has to offer.  As we rise up and receive the many blessings of this time, a new cycle of evolution beckons us forward on our path and the treasures buried within the darkness of our suffering are fully integrated into the light of this new day. 

“A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly.  Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the Universe.” ~ Rumi


patriciapearl 29th January 2009 9:59 am


And so graciously expressed!
Thank You. Kate

k 29th January 2009 10:32 am

Like poetry, very beautiful, what a wonderful expression of a great message.

Debbie 30th January 2009 5:38 am

Magnificient, thank you for the great gift you shared. May you be blessed as you bless so many with this wisdom


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