Rediscover Your Sovereign Power

We have incarnated on the Earth and have chosen to come and heal the karmic patterns and cycles, which were created and maintained by our families, cultures and societies. Within these patterns and cycles great significance was placed on what we have, what we do and what others think of us, which has resulted in the concealment of our soul. But now as our human consciousness rapidly awakens the essence of our soul is emerging as the rightful guide in our lives.

You are being faced with all that you have had to become and all that you have had to do in order to survive. This may be igniting deep seated anger, disappointment and fear as the patterns and cycles of the past begin to clear. By consciously working to free yourself from the ideas and thoughts about who you should be, you are able to release the past and embrace your true, authentic soul self. As you allow the chains of fear and anger to fall away you are able to reconnect with your eternal soul and rediscover its sovereign power. With this power you will actualise your freedom and the ability you hold to radiate infinite love, truth and creativity.

Much love




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Spirit Pathways has been created to bring awareness of ancient teachings and knowledge for the healing and ascension of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. All written information, messages and articles are my own interpretation of the energies that are affecting our world at this time.


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