Reflect & Reframe

The frequency of the incoming energies has increased significantly and is highlighting where we as individuals and as a collective are out of balance within the realms of the mind, our thinking and our consciousness. With Mercury in retrograde the energy moves us inward gifting us with the opportunity to retreat within. With this inward movement we are able to gain an elevated view of our circumstances, which enables us to shift our perspective and find the clarity we need to overcome the challenges we face.

Make the most of this Mercury retrograde period by taking time out to reflect. Become the observer of your mind and the pathways of thought that it follows. Become aware of the difficult emotions that lie beneath all that you are attempting to achieve. Recognise that you do not have to keep thinking in the same ways, feeling the same emotions and doing the same things. Reframe how you see your life, the difficulties, the challenges and the stressors and consciously make a choice to do things differently. 

‘WHEN YOU FEEL SAD – Sit down, slap your legs, it’ll remind you of your heartbeat.

WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING – Light a candle or incense, it will bring clarity from your soul.

WHEN YOU FEAR – Go and be with nature, close your eyes and you will receive the peace of mind that emanates from its essence.

WHEN YOU FEEL ATTACHMENT- Tell the fire, he’s a master at transmuting states.

WHEN YOU FEEL STUCK –Talk to your sister water, she knows moves, flows and clings to nothing.

WHEN Your thoughts DON‘T STOP, pay attention to your breath, she will bring you back to the present moment.

WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR CONNECTION – Talk to you with your Higher Self, it will remind you of where you come from.

WHEN YOU FEEL THE DESIRE TO DIE – Talk to the earth, she knows about rebirth.

But don’t feel alone, we are all one, dreaming that we are apart.

You are accompanied by the stars, nature, others who wear a suit just like you to live on this earth.’ – Unknown


Ron Laswell 1st February 2021 1:08 pm

And when your loved one dies, talk to her, she is still there. She talks to me in my dreams, and it means sooooo much to me! <3


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