Resistance Is Futile

We can no longer depend on recreating the old patterns and programming of the past and must find a new way of living and being. All the suffering we have carried on our human journey is being healed, which is allowing us to move beyond the darkness of our wounds and into the light of a new era. As we continue to release and clear the past we will redefine our individuality, which will enable our soul force to take root within the core of our being.

The flow of energy this year has been moving very quickly illuminating what is out of alignment and balance both internally and externally. As a result, what is in the way of you fulfilling your life purpose is being removed. Recognise the importance of chaos and the change that it ultimately brings. Know that resistance to change will only lead to feelings of unhappiness, disconnection and confusion. Rest peacefully in the knowing that your soul is healing. Surrender to what is and allow the flow of universal energy to rekindle your creativity. Your role now is to be present in the moment, to accept and trust that all is in order.

Much love



ShelleyT 3rd March 2020 11:54 am

Thank you! A positive outlook in a sea of doom ????????


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