Setting Priorities Straight

Today’s Full Moon strengthens the energies of the entire month of August bringing a steady movement of light. These energies will facilitate the completion of many things pushing us to shed our old ways. We are readying ourselves for the expansiveness of our new lives and as such, we are being called to honour the past. To recognise how we have outgrown our old life. To bear witness to what has passed. To reflect on the lessons we have learnt and to move on.

August will hold some moments of stillness and calm and it is important in those times to tune into the changing frequencies of your own energy. Remember that you are moving through an evolutionary shift that is catalysing and dramatically expanding your consciousness. Currently you are arriving at a place of resolution that will enable you to cultivate a strong and calm perspective. As a result, your vision will be magnified to include the unlimited power and potential of your soul, which will help you to set your priorities straight.

Much love




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