Solstice June 2008 : Human Light Beings

Our Spirit is our most basic life force and is a force of protection and love that is firmly planted within each and every human soul. It is a force that is capable of incredible displays of strength and power, yet it is invisible and cannot be seen other than by the effects that it creates. We are unable to touch our Spirit, yet it is evident to us through our creations. When we honour our Spirit, we honour the deepest aspect of ourselves and we grow in wisdom, gaining faith in our Spirit and in the eternal and unquestionable protection of love.

We hold the key to the gate of our inner sanctuary, our Heart, and it is through our hearts that we access our Spirit and the innate wisdom that it holds. It is the wisdom to believe in miracles, to believe in love and in our Divine intelligence.

The energy of the Solstice of June 2008 offers us the gifts of our Spirit, the gifts of inner guidance, wisdom and Universal love. We are being offered an opportunity to balance the Spiritual and physical realms, to balance our inward journey with our external path. The breathe of the Great Spirit is here to cleanse our lives of stagnant energy and create changes within our energy fields. This will create deeper changes within the cells of our being cleansing away old debris and bringing refreshing changes to our lives.

New information and guidance will come into our conscious minds bringing new thoughts and energies that will flow across the whole of our planet, enabling us as a human race to open up to enhanced awareness, renewed clarity of thought and an increased ability to use our mental capacities to affect change. 

We are being guided to a place of self mastery and ego awareness and it is with this awareness that we shall learn to manifest and outwardly create the nature of our Spirit illumined mind. The illumined mind is a mind that is overlighted by the powers of the Spiritual world. It is the mind that allows the wisdom of the Spirit to teach and guide the individual along the path of the Soul. 

We know that the power of our thoughts creates and affects the reality of our Earthly life. We create our own reality from our every thought, word and deed and we are being encouraged to explore our creativity, to broaden our thinking and allow ourselves the joy of the exploration of the mind. This is a time of great adventure in human consciousness and mental expansion. 

Humanity is progressing from an unaware and closed state of being to an opening of the Spirit which will result in the evolution of humanity into Human Light Beings. In aligning with the energy of the Solstice we are able to activate and employ the powers of our heart and mind initiating a new phase in our evolution. This energy is activating dormant areas of our brains that have been latent since our descent in Atlantean times. 

We have completed an enormous cycle of growth and learning which included the exploration of the concept of separation. This cycle of learning and understanding is now ending and we are returning to a level of Spiritual and mental ability that we commanded before our fall. 

The energy is aiding us in initiating an evolution of the body, mind and Spirit. It will not only accelerate and activate our brain, but will act to stimulate pre encoded genetic triggers that will initiate us into a new phase of existence. This is the evolution, growth and development of our bodies, our relationships and our creations. This energy is a force that will unify action, linking our hearts, minds, bodies and Souls, to produce a single action: our human evolution. We are being asked to acknowledge our part in the total evolution of humanity in allowing ourselves to be open to the energy and accepting our responsibility in allowing deep transformation to occur and the emergence of our birthright into Human Light Beings. 

Organisation, self control and self discipline are required for us to follow the correct path dictated to us by our heart and our Spirit. We are being asked to crystalline our structures thereby encouraging order, concentration and grounding. Our energy is moving into higher states of openness and awareness of universal frequencies of energy, light and truth. Our brains are being reordered to aid us in retaining, organizing and utilizing higher information and insight so that we may apply these truths to our Earthly experiences. 

If you have strayed from your path, know that you are now being called to step back into line with your Spirit. Open yourself up to the energy of this time and allow yourself to vibrate with the energies of self discipline and action. We are being called upon to organize and apply in our lives the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we have gained along our journey. We are being asked to review our current practices and life styles and apply ourselves more fully to our path. 

To have self discipline means to live the life you champion. To ‘walk your talk'. The development of self discipline, self rule, compassion and forgiveness are crucial in those who truly wish to serve others. Self discipline is the ability to observe and correct ones thoughts, actions and deeds in order to better ones self. It is a necessary strength required for us to create the world that we wish to have. It is only through inner improvement that we are able to cultivate the skills and knowledge that will aid us in creating this new age of light upon the Earth. 

Harnessing the ability to bring our body into line with our mind, and to bring our mind into harmony with our heart, and therefore with our Spirit, is what we are being called to do now. This ability is especially important if we wish to consciously channel the energies of light and love into the Earth plane. At this time it is vital that we stay connected and grounded to the energies of our Earth Mother as the energy pathways of our bodies are being cleared and cleansed making way for our Light Body to integrate into our physical self. We have the ability through the energy of light to influence matters on Earth and without a deep and strong connection to the Earth Mother, our Light Body is unable to integrate and we are therefore unable to channel the light and love that is so desperately needed in our world. 

We are learning a lesson in the power of leadership and responsibility and we are encouraged to accept the leadership of our own lives. In enhancing our abilities to act in accordance with higher knowledge and wisdom we connect with our sense of responsibility and the responsibility we have to the welfare of all others. To be an effective leader we must sacrifice the luxuries of self centered thoughts and ego based decisions. The knowledge of self discipline, humility and service need to be instilled in us on a deep level if we are to build this age of light and to lead ourselves and others according to the wisdom that our Spirit shares with us. 

By opening ourselves up to the energy of this time, the wisdom of our Spirit will aid us in walking the path of leadership. Bestowing clarity in decision making and the ability to listen to others and respond to them from the wisdom of our hearts, not the platitudes of our ego. With an illumined mind we are able to take enlightened action for the good of all and to move forward with the courage of our hearts convictions. 

Our true self resides in the cave of our heart and the connection between our heart and our higher self is an important facet in the evolving flow and harmony of all life. We are being called to plunge into the depths of our consciousness and to arouse our Spirit to the joy of play, imagination and eternal love. We are being blessed with divine healing. Send your prayers and uplifting thoughts into the minds and hearts of all life. Cultivate your faith and express your compassion. Seek out the advice and knowledge of those who have walked further along this path. Be clear in your intentions and motivations as all ego based motives will be exposed by the powerful energy and light of this time. 

This is a time of great change and this particular change is significantly directed by the thoughts and actions that we take now. You know in your heart the direction your Spirit is asking you to take. The actions that you take and the choices that you make affect everything. If you accept your Spirits guidance, your actions will cause waves in the entire structure of humanity, moving our Spiritual evolution a step forward.



Kathy King 29th June 2008 9:31 am

Where did you get your spirit from?


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