Something New Is Forming

In the second half of 2020 humanity’s process of evolutionary growth is accelerating at a much greater pace. The intense energy we have experienced over the last few months is radically quickening our processes and creating deep and lasting change. Each and every human being is shifting into a unified field of light consciousness. This is pushing us all to open our hearts and align with our souls so that we may all participate in this great shift in consciousness.

At this time all that is dormant within you is being triggered to awaken. It is a sacred time where you are being guided to expand your vision, shift your perspective and move with the natural flow of events in your life. Do not allow your doubts to keep you bound to the past. Something new is forming and now is the time to work with what is not with what might have been. The gifts that lie before you cannot be found until you are able to see them. Cultivate your faith and trust that when the timing is right the form and shape of your new life will emerge.

Much love



Meg 30th July 2020 11:15 am

Speeding up, can't wait. I'm ready :)


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