Sunday's Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse

So much is changing as the underlying structures of our world fall away revealing the effects of the past and our individual and collective damage. We are in the midst of a profound healing which may seem never ending as we endure the intensity of this time. With this weekend’s Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse we can expect a dramatic shift in the energy which will propel us forward and into a new cycle. A new cycle that brings greater awareness, connection and deeper healing.

The Solstice is naturally a very energetically intense time, but add to it a New Moon Solar Eclipse and you have a dramatic opportunity to free yourself from the shadows, to step fully into the light and to birth a new destiny. Use these energies and create space for deep reflection. Take time to turn inward to contemplate and reconnect with your inner wisdom. Be still and let your soul’s truth reveal the way forward.

Much love



Mary Knutson 19th June 2020 11:08 am

I enjoy reading what you write about everyday. It is very meaningful. Thank you for posting!


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