Take Ownership of Your Past

We are in the final days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Thursday. This is a powerfully transformative time where the old is dying and the new is waiting to be reborn. Eclipses act as transformers by helping to remove what we have outgrown and what is no longer necessary in our lives. They sweep away and dissolve the old form which allows for the new to emerge. During this time it is crucial that we take ownership of our past and as such adjust our perception of reality.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse opens a powerful new chapter in your life that will create new pathways and new opportunities for you to follow. Your best course of action at this time is to surrender to the process and allow expansion to occur. Any tendency to cling to what is familiar can get in the way of this process making events and circumstances more challenging than they need to be. Currently nothing can be defined or clear-cut as the incoming energies urge you to let go of the familiar and open to the unexpected. Whatever is being transformed both within you and within your life is beyond your control.


VAARRR 7th June 2021 11:38 am

Hi , message from me
yesterday there was another rise in consciousness- it feel does not valid - as in a dream
adults behaved like children- without shame, fear, - like to play a game.......
it's to set everyone up to one reality......

other.....I want to raise the issue some like " fair competition laws" but spiritual....as about the disclosure of all conditions and consequences
that guardian angels- always create conditions for choice- "free will.... free choice"....here do not always show the result......
and in what way, they will do it, and then what they will lead to......which will again have to make elections.......
need to be shown further, and deeper- all the way
to train spiritual abilities.....and take a really conscious part in the changes, ....to join


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