The Shifting Balance

Many are questioning the purpose behind their lives and searching for guidance and insight.  Very few are prepared to do the actual work that is required to shift and change, as our habitual way of thinking is to consider such questions as unknowable.  We shrug off any awareness we get as we are drawn into the mundane aspects of our lives.  But in these current times of transformation and shifting consciousness a new definition of our nature and the balance of the feminine and masculine energies is being called for.

Humanity, as a whole, has lost themselves in creating a seemingly secular, secure, economic environment to replace the spiritual one we experienced many thousands of years ago.  The questions of why we are here have been pushed aside and repressed to enable the establishment of a more comfortable style of survival.  We have used the drive for this comfortable style of survival as a reason to live, to feel complete, gradually forgetting our original and individual purpose for being.

What we seldom remember is that as a representative of the Divine Feminine in physical form, woman hold space, hold energy and direct the masculine in when and how to manifest form and reality.  We have forgotten that woman are the guiding force behind transformation and that without the Divine Feminine our world, cultures, societies, families and relationships are out of alignment and balance.

When we remember the true purpose of the feminine energy and we contain that purpose with love, we have the power to transform this world and to create a new balanced and harmonious reality.  We can only truly see this transformation and balance in our world when we allow the feminine power her rightful place.  In saying that, we are seeing the rise of the feminine energy and power in our cultures and societies.  Woman are no longer the watchers or the doers.  Woman are no longer required to follow, but are leaving their mark by leading and guiding.  This empowerment has been a long time coming and as we see more and more woman moving into their true power, which is based in love, an awakening of the feminine within men will be initiated to bring a new balance within relationships, families, cultures and societies.

For many this process is causing conflict, as men, and woman, feel threatened by the feminine power awakening within.  Many are struggling to adjust to the increased independence and power of woman, which is creating conflict in relationships and partnerships.  Men don’t necessarily understand the need woman have to access and own their own power.  They don’t necessarily understand why woman cannot find happiness and fulfilment in having t heir basic needs met.

What most have forgot is that thousands of years ago it was the responsibility of woman to build communities and to run those communities.  A woman’s role and purpose was so much more than just being a wife and a mother.  Woman were the healers, the midwives, the crafter's, the herbalists and the teachers.  These roles fulfilled the basic needs of a woman’s soul and brought a very necessary balance and harmony to individual societies and cultures.

In the past few thousand years our world has drastically changed and been shaped to function according to the masculine form of thought and structure.  Domination, aggression, force and control have been at the heart of all our relationships and social conditions.  The feminine qualities of intuition, healing, compassion, nurturing and non-violence have been discredited and condemned.  The feminine power has been weakened and when small independently thinking groups of woman (so called witches) showed their power they became a threat and were burnt at the stake.  Thus the balance between the feminine and the masculine energies was destroyed.

In the last century we have seen woman having to take on the roles of both the feminine and the masculine just to survive.  These roles have become so blurred, unequal and unbalanced that most don’t even know what the purpose of these Divine roles actually is.  We have forgotten that woman require greater stimulation and free access to their inner power and wisdom.  We have forgotten that woman carry the key to access the spiritual realms of intuition, healing and spiritual wisdom.  We have forgotten that it is woman who have easy access to the Void, the Great Mystery, from where all wisdom and guidance comes.

We are in a time now where it is essential for our survival that these two forces of creation are brought into balance, a balance that is equal in power and responsibility.  As woman become more independent, separate and powerful there are less marriages and unions, and a greater desire for woman to earn their own keep.  With the evolving balance between the feminine and the masculine energies, men will no longer need to shoulder the responsibility for the care, protection and support of the family unit or community.  Although woman have always carried the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the family, they are now more equipped to shoulder equally the total responsibility of the family and community.

For example it may be easier to work at a career than it is to raise a well balanced  family.  As the masculine surrenders and accepts the feminine energy and power, we will see a powerful transition that creates perfect balance within our world.  This shift is a process and will be a long time in the making, but eventually we will see human emotions such as jealousy, stubbornness and withholding becoming a thing of the past.  Men will allow woman to take an equal stand and position without threat or judgment, without the need for a woman to suppress her true feminine power in favour of the masculine energy.

The unconscious threat is potentially that woman assume the masculine role and thereby create more imbalance, recreating the very same patterns of suppression and subjugation in reverse.  This is why it is essential that both woman and men learn to operate from a place of love, truth, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, honouring each other in this profound space of transition.

This shifting of balance is a process and we are only really in the beginning stages.  The solution lies in connecting with your healing, intuitive, spiritual gifts and learning in a safe space.  Be this within a relationship, a partnership, or a business, without assuming that you can do this alone or be exiting current relationships and partnerships.

It is essential too that woman remember their inherent gifts of intuition and healing and bring these gifts as a force for positive, loving change in relationships, families, cult rues and societies.  External factors will always be of great influence, such as solar flares, planets in retrograde, planetary alignments and on a more physical level, financial loss, loss of loved ones, changes of environments and illness.  The key is to take all factors into consideration whilst doing everything for your highest good and the good of humankind.

Change cannot be avoided and what we are experiencing in these profound times is the manifestation of that which is in need of healing and or transformation.  Whether this be within our world or within ourselves it is up to us to heal, change, transform and move forward.  The greatest advice I give my clients who are in process within relationships, financial crisis or loss of faith, is to work through it and not ignore it or walk away.  Most times the healthiest platform to work from is the plat form you are currently standing upon.


zorro 27th August 2015 7:56 pm

The Shifting Balance


zorro 27th August 2015 8:09 pm

"We can only truly see this transformation and balance in our world when we allow the feminine power her rightful place."


spiritdiver 9th January 2016 1:54 pm



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