The Wisdom of Shadow

As the energy of the 11:11 Stargate flows within and without, our minds begin to awaken to the change and evolution that is occurring within our consciousness.  The energy is moving directly into our physical bodies activating our DNA and creating sudden awakenings, after which our reality is never the same.  As our consciousness expands we are able to create clarity, healing and balance within ourselves and thus ignite the spark of Divine Life that is hidden deep within our Soul. 

This is an essential time of revelation and insight and as we journey into the recesses of our unconscious mind we are able to facilitate the birth of our inner knowledge, that which will lay the foundation for our enlightened future.  We have arrived at a powerful place in our evolutionary process and if we heed the call for transition and transformation, opening our hearts and souls to the beauty within, we shall set in motion the changes needed in our world. 

It is due to our own efforts and strength of will that we now have the freedom to be fully awake.  New aspects of Spiritual insight will be swiftly integrated and as we embody the truth of real love our ability to serve our world with greater compassion will come to the fore. 

 At this point in our evolutionary cycle we are returning to our natural state of connection with the deeper aspects of ourselves and our Creator, we are moving towards our fullest development and bringing higher consciousness into our physical realms and thus creating an enlightened reality.

 It is time for us to take full responsibility for our purpose and to apply it to the new levels of awareness that we are accessing.  In this way our creations, body, mind and heart are able to express the Divine in each and every moment.

 As we surrender to the Divine within, unraveling and unmasking our true nature, we are required to let go of the illusion of self that we have created.  The result of this can be a deep form of Spiritual suffering and it is therefore imperative that we enter this path of awakening through love.

 As we clear the demons of our unconscious we wake from the dream of our lives and discover the root of our suffering.  Whilst releasing the residue of our past we bring our fears to light enabling us to release the subliminal forces of negativity that have been held within our Soul.

 As we move from being motivated by fear and the instinctual drive for survival, our sense of identity shifts to our Soul/Spirit self embodied by unconditional love and understanding.  In parting the veils of our illusions we move into the deep embrace of our Creator extending ourselves into the realms of compassion, love, respect and honour.

 It is not always easy to free ourselves from the confines of fear and doubt, that false promise of safety and security.  But it is time to release the old and to free ourselves from the ancient chains of fear, guilt, denial and shame, to forgive ourselves and to allow our Soul the freedom to rise up and to claim our birthright.

To be receptive to change we must understand that only by allowing for transformation and rebirth to occur will our hopes and desires manifest.  By surrendering inwardly to the areas in our lives that are in need of healing, compassion and restructure, we shall receive subtle insights and messages that will be necessary for our integration and wholeness.

 Our genuine mission is to reveal our hidden Divinity and to serve as a living link between Heaven and Earth, allowing for the passion of our Soul to be understood and realized.  By undoing the habitual patterns of the human consciousness at the collective level we are helped to understand the deepest meaning of our personal suffering and we are assisted in ascending to our truest calling, that of service to our Planet.

 As we purify ourselves and strengthen our connection to our Creator’s selfless service and unconditional love, we are called to enter into the inner sanctuary of our Soul and to resurrect the Divine love and compassion held therein.  Moving through the suffering and hardship we have experienced, we are shown the journey of our Soul and offered the understanding that all aspects of life are sacred and it is in the weaving of the dark and the light within ourselves that we will find our wholeness.

 By unblocking our patterns of self limitation and stagnation, our Soul is able to be repatterned and reconnected to our true, cosmic origins.  We will be inspired to new heights of beauty and grace, awakening the ever flowing river of inspiration and restoring our path to true creativity.  This will enable us to embrace our Earthly existence, unleash our unique gifts and to live life fully. 

 It is indeed a great privilege to be granted such an opportunity.

‘We attend in silence and in joy. This is the day when healing comes to us. 
This is the day when separation ends, and we remember Who we really are’
A Course in Miracles


k 17th November 2008 12:55 pm

Wonderful, like poetry. I am usually running late, so I am trying to catch up. I'll be bringing up the rear I suppose. But, I just want to know, where is everyone else? I know we are out in the world all over, but when am I going to meet some of the rest? I think I am out of the loop. I still don't have the right connections through which I will have a chance to meet more. I have my beloved Tibetan Master/teacher, but where are the rest?

Terry 17th November 2008 5:37 pm

I'm here and wondering the same thing..and I don't even have a beloved Tibetan Master/teacher. When I was around 4 years old I remember jumping on the bed for the sheer joy of it and thinking that when we're born we know everything but as we get older a curtain comes up & covers our eyes. I've always remembered thinking that and I smile at the term "curtain" because as I grew up I learned that others believed that too but they call it a "veil". Anyway what I'm saying is that I've lived all of my life with knowing so much of what has finally been coming to light for the masses and yet I still don't really know others in my life who share this understanding. I have my books and thankfully the computer where so much is being shared. I am longing for a community of others who are on a similar path, especially now that everything else has either fallen out of my life or pushed me out where I was hanging on. This has been a liberating & yet painful time with all of the change, but I keep hearing the inner voice encouaging me to "Accept this Gift". So I'm trying to stay focused on that rather than on mourning all of the loss. That's why your message asking where is everyone resonated so much with me. It seems like a natural part of the process that we would all now be drawn to each other or maybe it's being able to "see" each other at this time & moving forward. I'm hopeful.

Rhiannon 17th November 2008 6:02 pm

:) All so true, yet it has been a singular experience for many of the light workers, spirit guides, and forerunners of the way. We each are needed at our posts to hold up the energy frequency and to be...imagine the stars as they spread throughout the night sky. We now have telescopes of awareness and contact via the world wide web and I am grateful to read of like minded souls in transit to our Heaven on Earth. Now, our energy is drawing to it like energy and community may be in our future? That is my question, too. Love and Peace

k 18th November 2008 12:14 am

Well, all I can say is I am really glad all of the lightworkers are out there. We are all doing our part, working for a better world. Maybe someday we can have a "family reunion". I am very fortunate to have my Master. He really is a lion in a small body. He has been a light in my darkness. He has incredible wisdom. When I think I have a handle on everything, but things just are not working out, he seems to come through with the answer. Then I have to sit back in awe and rethink my outlook. I have grown to love him very much. The teachings of the Buddha are going to be very important in the up coming years. I am also going through major changes in my life. Doing things now I should have done a long time ago. All a process of letting go of the old so I can reach out for the new. But, in this there is a sense of impeding freedom. It reminds me of the Janis Choplan song, "Me and Bobby McKee", that probably is a little before everyone else's time. Shows how far behind I am. A friend of mine used to remind me that I am not alone and that I am loved.

camelman555 18th November 2008 5:42 am

true, that connectedness becoming more apparent, never alone, emergence

Terry 18th November 2008 1:30 pm

I enjoyed hearing the name "Joplin" again. She meant alot to me too. Regarding "connectedness becoming more apparent...emergence", I see that among the general masses due to all the changes and it's wonderful! However as far as myself, being a person who's lived with an awareness that's been more than the masses but less than the master seers, it's still very solitary. I thought Rhiannon said it well about the stars being spread throughout the night sky, but I'm hopeful looking forward that it becomes like what K said about family reunion (the great kind!) that sounds sooooooo good to me.

N 18th November 2008 5:02 pm

The Great one. Well i feel that is now. sometimes we have to take a breathe and realize that we are one. I can feel all of you, right now and its so amazing. to be like this beyond all ... this clarity is - well there’s no words for it. I know who I am even if I am a we or us or is... love is eternal, we are eternal, we are many we are all we are one. we are infinite. and here I find peace, here I find all that I was looking for, I was looking for god. and it’s wonderful to know that I was here all along. now I can just be. I am smiling so much that it forms a circle.

we have decided to just let go. after all it is the journey not the destination 0

donald herman 24th November 2008 3:19 am

Oh, oh, how great this message, which I back as true.
I am experiencing this, with explanations/expansions from view point of/via Rev 6:2, THE WHITE HORSE of spirituality, being explained to/via me. It is still in my mother tongue, Afrikaans, of South Africa, but I shall get to translating it to English. At this point I can only say the verse, chapter and book does not intend to refer to war.
The similarities of what you receive and I receive is astounding. How great are these times, how near The Other Side, how enfreeing the new spirituality from The Other Side.
I honour and thank you, Kate, for your brought through message.
Donald Herman, South Africa.

donald herman 24th November 2008 3:27 am

You ask: "Where are the rest?"
We are here, busy, blessed with being busy spreading the new message. We are all over. We are getting more by the day.
I am in South Africa, not alone, but still tied to my mother tongue, Afrikaans, of South Africa. I so wish to have the time and means to have my experiences herein and received channelings translated to English...I simply go through too much/many to have the time to translate it. Recently the honourable Kryon came through the 1st time (to me) with an engulfing message re FAITH.
I so wish WE ALL CAN UNITE IN THIS. But: WE ARE HERE...and busy carrying out the message!
May you mount the WHITE HORSE.
Best wishes, love and regards.
Donald Herman, South Africa

donald herman 24th November 2008 4:18 am

To k. Re Buddha’s teachings.
I agree with you that more of the great B’s teachings will become part of man in THE NEW WORLD/5th Dimension. It is a great sorrow that christianity has put a dark blanket over the great B’s ideas/teachings/thoughts…all in aid of self interest. I so wish it could be different.
As we will be freed from the gods and religion in THE NEW EARTH, it is only logical to me that non-religious teachings, like that of the B, will be implemented.
Interesting: in the channellings from the/our Central Sun I read that B is so far the only human from earth that has truly ascended. It does make one think.
Yeshua/’Jesus’ tells me that he and the B are together in/on THE OTHER SIDE. Makes sense to me.
B, when communicating with me, always ends up with LOVE and COMPASSION. Surely it is a most acceptable principle.
So, fire away, Uncle Buddha!
Donald Herman, South Africa


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