Use This Time Wisely

As the seasons change so too does our inner landscape. As such, there is something new awakening within us which is creating a rebalancing of both our inner and our realities. As we move into this month’s Full Moon energies we are impelled to turn inward and reflect on what we are really trying to achieve. There is great momentum being generated now which is pressing us to use this time wisely.

Currently you are in a period of transition where you are shifting from one state of being and into another. As you move through this process you may feel temporarily lost and in the dark. However, there is a great inner change occurring which will actualise a new life and a new beginning. Allow the healing power of this time to work its magic and trust that when the breakthrough occurs inspiration, insight and clarity will flood your mind reawakening joy and the wonder of life.


LordJesusChrist 26th June 2021 8:48 am

Excellent posts, thanks for sharing!

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