Polaris is wonderful and loving, sort of a super-being who is guiding us on our path to joy. Polaris is a group consciousness that exists in a reality we can't see-but we sure can feel it! The feeling Polaris brings is something Karen describes as "a feeling of pure love, in a totally physical fashion. Polaris is what each of us is, the highest and best of all of us in every moment."

Polaris comes to us from the non-physical world. They operate in another plane of reality-a reality in which the perception of separation does not exist. Polaris knows-and experiences-that we are all One! While not having eyes or other physical senses, their perception goes to the very heart of things and they have complete knowingness of the perfection of the oneness of All: the energy, vibration, and connections that exist between everything there is.

We talk about Polaris as "they" and "them" because, as they tell it, they are a group of thousands of souls that have united to teach those of us still in physical reality. Each of these souls brings lifetimes of glorious experience in the physical reality that we know of as home. Each of them experienced everything that we think of as simply a part of being alive. Because of this, they truly understand the challenges and joys we feel every day.

Polaris brings with them an unlimited wisdom. They bring to us a stronger connection to the Source of All That Is.

They lived, they loved, and they experienced sadness, joy and all of the human emotions and experiences that we encounter every day. These experiences served to reconnect them to who they are and to the awareness that we all have access to: of the oneness of All That Is-Love.

Polaris is a being of energy.

Because they are a being of pure energy and Love, Polaris brings with them an enormous amount of healing energy! One of the most profound experiences you can have is to be in a room with a group of people all welcoming the wonderful, warm, and loving energy that Polaris brings, the energy of All That Is. People all over the world have experienced life-altering transformation simply from listening to the words of Polaris, having a personal and private session, or being part of a unique group experience.

We are all beings of energy.

Polaris tells us over and over that like themselves, we have access to the unlimited source of energy that is the All That Is. We can do anything we like with this! Most of all, we can use it for our own healing and to create a stronger connection with who we truly are. Polaris teaches that we each have the ability to choose our own healing and path at any time, without limitation. Polaris gives us the tools, over and over, to do so.

Polaris is here for everyone.

Polaris connects with whoever wishes the connection and welcomes it. Reading and listening to the words of Polaris will naturally connect you directly to their energy; you need do nothing more than that!

Simply know that Polaris is available to you at all times, and be open to their energy and healing. When you do, it will always help you to connect more deeply to who you truly are.

Polaris is here for YOU.

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