Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Quado has no physical existence, but is energy only.

"I am energy. I am a deeply loving energy, a love which goes beyond criticism and judgment. I am accessible to you. You may call me to you and feel and sense me in any way you wish, as long as it is love. If you encounter anything of fear or doubt, then this is your own projection, not something coming from me. I am love and only love, and you are deeply worthy of it.

As for names, well, again, what would we do without them? How can you call me to you without a name? But can you change that name, once you make my acquaintance? Yes, of course. Call me to you as Quado, but then make up your own nickname for me if you care to. It is not important. Names have power in that we assign to them certain attributes, and where you have multiple people all using the same name, it begins to carry weight and significance, so that saying my name to someone else familiar with these messages will then carry into the conversation a host of assumptions and knowledge and experiences. And so, a name has this power.

Some names, like the word God for example, have almost too many associations to be meaningful. God has been reinterpreted in so many ways, and by so many religions, meaning fear to some and love to others, authority and forgiveness by turns, that one needs to find some other name, some other words, to convey something specific. It is heavily laden, and means something different to everyone.

But to you, when you wish to reach the highest form of energy you can reach, and if you interpret that energy as God and as love, then this will work for you. But do not assume that your interpretation is shared.

There are those who believe you have a sacred name. This is also metaphor, for language is a form of metaphor, a means to communicate. You are an individual soul self, yes. You are unique in all the world. But you are, as I am, energy at this level, and language is not relevant. Just being is. As a form of energy, you are light, you are love, you are joy and peace. You are communication in that you are deeply connected with all that is, but this communication is a knowing and a being, not a speaking. You are known as what you are, and you are.

And beyond all this, beyond you as an individual soul self, with the unique spirit which is you, at the highest and widest level, all is one. All is one in the great silence, the great all, the great oneness. And this, the God of us all, is us all. In the end, you are God and I am God and God is all that is and we are all that is, one and joined and connected. And so what is a name?"

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