Time Critical Contracts - Alignments for 2012

The Beacons of Light message for June is: "Time Critical Contracts" - Alignments for 2012

Barbara shares a special "Recipe of Love" in preparation for the channel in her Connecting the Heart series.

From Steve:

The group has talked a lot about 2012. Although their message about 2012 is quite different they do say the following: It will be a magical time full of creation and an evolutionary step for humanity. Many people on this Earth set up specific contracts that they would only enact if the level of humanity reached critical levels where this can happen. That is talking place now and it is on a course to manifest on the magical date of 2012. The group says this will be a grand creation on as global basis. Many Lightworkers are having strange events take place in their lives right now to push them into a new direction that will allow them to active their Time Critical Contracts. In this message the group gave three examples of what this can look like. The next four years will be a time for change for humanity. Many Lightworkers are activating contracts now that will put them in the best position for what is ahead. Enjoy the ride.

Big hugs

Steve Rother



Heather 8th June 2008 9:53 pm

Dear Steve and Barbara

Thank you and bless you for your amazing service. My life has interesected with yours in " physicality" only twice and yet your Beacons of Light are a constant source of joy.

This is the first time I have been able to watch one of your videos and I am feeling so incredibly blessed and inspired by your energies and by your words.

One of my time contracts was activated in 1992 and I know that another one is soon to activate again, taking me further into my passion and my joy.

I could feel my very DNA shifting as I resonated to your message this evening.

To our awesome creation.

In joy

grace 12th June 2008 7:48 am

Dear Barbara and Steve,

Thank you both so much for doing the wonderful lightwork that you do -- this message was most comforting to me as it verbalised what I've been feeling and wishing for some years now. It makes the waiting worthwhile.


Debbie 12th June 2008 7:27 pm

Magnificent, thank you for allowing the wisdom to flow through you. Yes, I and many others have been activated, all doors are opening and as we step into who we are meant to be we are fully supported.

May you be blessed as you continue to shine your light so brightly on humanity

Sending you showers of peace and joy

Debbie Milam


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