2010 : The Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace

So, here we are in a New Year and a New Decade! I am in Jerusalem, and last night, on the 31st of December, I joined with a group of Lightworkers from around the World as well as a group of local Israeli Lightworkers, to release the old energies of the past decade and welcome in the New Energies of the Crystal Decade.

We had a wonderful gathering of Light in which the emphasis was on sharing the energies of Joy and Peace here in the Holy Land. We created a collective group intention to release all that was old and to welcome the new energies into the Hold Land. So, a big thank you to all who participated in the celebration here near to the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Lunar Eclipse of the "Blue Moon" meant that there were powerful Cosmic Energies assisting in the Transformations and Energetic shifts on the night of the 31st. Today, we release the last ten years of turbulence and readjustment, to align ourselves fully with the energies of the Divine Will as expressed through the Cosmic Heart. At this time, the Earth has aligned fully with the "Flower of Love" or the Planetary Grid plan that will support the flowering of the New Consciousness of the New Earth.

Archangel Michael says that this new year and the new decade will allow humanity to align fully with the Divine Plan for Peace in the Golden Age of Light. This will mean that in the New Year, you will find that anything that is not in alignment with the "higher plan" for your life will fall away, and those things that are resonant with your Divine Life path will be attracted to you. You may find this a confusing process, for it will be a process in which the Higher Self and the Heart will overide the mind and those things that you think that you need in your life. This will also mean releasing certain beliefs about what life should be as new patterns for your life are opened out. You may feel disoriented as your life takes on new patterns and directions that may be quite unexpected.

As the Year of the Crystal Rose, the strongest "blueprint" for this year will be the Clear and Pristine energies of the Rose Consciousness, or the Christ Consciousness. This is the perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine energies, of Heaven and Earth, of Past and Present, all contained within the Infinite moment of Now. This is a Fifth Dimensional energetic, where the key energy is the Surrender to Divine Will and the Flow of Crystalline Energy through the Divine Patterns of Life. Not my will....but thine...as we learn to accept that Life has its own dance of energies and that in the realms of Higher Consciousness, this dance is guided by Higher Light and not by the demands of the lower self. But, all is brought into Alignment, as the Lower Self and the Higher self are aligned into the Perfect Human Angelic expression of Divine Will.

The numbers for this year are very powerful. First, today is the 1:1:1 - indeed a powerful time for new beginnings and new intentions for Peace and Love on the Planet. Also, the year 2010 is a "3" year that is associated with the energy of the Divine Feminine. Here in Jerusalem, we have been working to align with and ground the energy of the Shekinah, as the Divine Feminine was known in the tradition of Judaism. It has been shown to us that the New Earth energies of Love and Peace cannot be manifested fully until the Divine Feminine is fully grounded in order to receive the New Energies. The Shekinah or Divine Feminine is like the Mother that receives and nurtures the seeds of the New and allows them to blossom into the Light as manifest form. In this year of 2010, the powerful energies of the Divine Feminine will seek to express through us as we create a space to ground and manifest the Golden Energies of Peace on the Planet.

The Divine Feminine energy in its Highest Form as the Shekinah of Love and Wisdom is expressed as Peace and Love. It is Serenity and Grace, but it is also a powerful energy that sweeps away all that does not align with Light. You will recognize the Shekinah Rose by a deep feeling of Peace and Joy that will arise in you. As this feeling of Peace and Joy takes root in you, the Geometries of your Light Body will activate into the Sacred Rose patterns and you will be a manifestation point for the Love and Peace of the New Earth.

So, we look forward to the coming of this Sacred Year and all that will manifest as part of the energy of the New Earth.

As for me, here in Jerusalem I have had some really wonderful experiences with Family of Light. But, being Jerusalem, the energies are also very difficult, as many points of view battle it our for the "space" to express themselves. After a week of this, I collapsed with exhaustion and dehydration and low blood pressure. A very nice Arab doctor came to see me and gave me some things to take, and so today I am resting and hope to be back on my feet tomorrow for the next week of my visit here in Israel.

I have come to realize that the most important thing that is needed here, and on the Planet is Peace. I am not talking about the absence of conflict only, although that is of course part of it. I am talking about the deep inner Peace that is reflected in a Serene Heart and a Quiet Mind. Here in Jerusalem, there are only three places where I have experienced that Deep Peace. The first is in the chapel of the Black Madonna, a fairly new Christian icon, that carries the power of the Divine Feminine. The second is within the Western Wall of the Old Temple. When you touch the stones you feel the deep power and love of the Shekinah entering into you. The third and probably the most powerful, is the Dome of the Rock Mosque that stands on the site of Solomon's Temple. There is a deep and infinite Peace here that is surprising, given the noise and energy of the Old City. The Mosque and its grounds hold the powerful and Peceful energy of a Sacred Space that is held by the Divine Mother.

I hope to bring you more information about our work in Israel, as well as the Archangel Michael chanel for January, when I am well enough to do the work. Until then, I wish you a powerful and blessed year in 2010!



mifasolasi 1st January 2010 7:22 pm

Sending you Love :smitten: and wish :angel: for recovering soon, I want to thank you for one more excellent and clear message about what is exactly happening now.. be blessed and strong Celia... Have a wonderful New Crystalline Rose Year!!!!!!!!! :smitten:
Love :smitten:

kay 2nd January 2010 11:01 am

Thank you for all the beautiful messages you share with us and for pushing past your physical discomfort to get this one out. Blessings.

k 2nd January 2010 4:55 pm

Wow, it must really be great to be in the very perfect place and be the very perfect person do to the very perfect thing. What a incredible experience to know you have such a wonderful gift and are such a wonderful being.

LordandFriend 3rd January 2010 8:07 pm

please listen. I was in spiritual warfare all last night because of the satanic energies trying to attack me. I am a Christian, and I'm telling you that you are being deceived. I just really urge you to consider your ways and give your life to the true savior who came to earth to die for you. The Jesus Christ of the Bible is the only one who will open your eyes to the deception. I was very close to getting into all this metaphysical stuff myself and then the true savior pulled me out and opened my eyes. Just come to the father in repentence and ask for Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save you and make you a true son of God. Let Him lead you and guide you and follow Him wherever He directs and you will enjoy a wonderful life here on earth and into eternity.

Tzaddi 17th January 2010 10:45 am

Dear Celia, you are appreciated. Your work is appreciated. Generally, I don't bother to comment but just soak up the good stuff and glide away in my happy place. However, because I had printed this one to read later, it was there in black & white--the fearful attacks-- and I couldn't help but notice that even in comments on this page there is so much negativity out there-- especially from those guarding their positions! So, naturally, I had to speak out to the black smudges on the comment page. What is curious to me is why someone who is so adamantly opposed to the perspective offered here would take the trouble to come here, read Fenn's work, then submit their opposing perspective. Whew! What a lot of energy invested-- enough to shovel my walk all winter! From someone who is not so invested (means I don't have a position), let me just say that those comments sound like the gasping swan song of a dying 3D.
Vaya con Dios, angelita.

LordandFriend 17th January 2010 6:19 pm

sorry, I'm not trying to put anyone down. I just remember the days when I was studying these things and it never filled my soul. When Jesus Christ of Nazareth revealed Himself to me, He absolutely changed my life and He shattered the deception of new age spirituality. He is such a personal God, you cannot even understand; The last 5 days He has made a monumental shift in my love towards others and in my faith in Him. I just want you all to experience the depth of The Father's Love for you. Yes, He is a God of accountability, but if you have a willing heart to follow Him, and repent and let Him cleanse your heart, you will NEVER need anything else. I know He led me here for the intent to change the perspective of anyone who may read and consider it. God is with you even now, and if He is drawing your heart to Him, don't resist. Just lay it all down for Jesus and accept His Lordship over your life. Amen.


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