After the Equinox: The Recalibration and The Flowers of Peace and Love

In this period after the March Equinox, we are experiencing a time of Peace and Calm after the turbulence that led up to the Equinox point of Balance. It is a time of readjustment and realignment, as we settle into the new place in which we find ourselves and prepare for the shifts and changes that will come as we move towards the Solstice and the "New Year" on the 26th of July.

I have found this to be something of an uneasy calm. In this year and next year, the evolutionary impetus will be very strong. The Light Code activations will be intense as the Earth and her inhabitants align with the New Cosmic Energies. We have already seen the acceleration of the Awakening process and the crumbling of illusions as we move into the Diamond Light of the New Reality, so what is new at this time?

I have been thinking of this for a while, and I have been at a loss for words recently, which is unsual for me. Somehow, I just felt that this recent recalibration of the energies has been so profound that it is almost impossible to just go on with "business as usual". There was a need within me to touch on a new awareness and a new perception, which seems to be formulating, but is still coming into light within our consciousness.

It seems to me, in talking with clients and doing channels for them, that we have moved into a new phase of our shift in Consciousness. When I began to work with the energies of Transformation back in the 1990s, the work was all about healing ourselves and activating the Light Body. We spent at least a decade hard at work on the healing process, only to arrive at the understanding that there is and was nothing "wrong" with us. The purpose of the Healing work was to awaken us to our full potential as evolving Children of Light, or "Starchildren", which is what my website was named for. And so, we have arrived at this place where we are awakened and awakening at an accelerated rate.

The forms of Healing that were used in the Awakening process seem to be becoming something of a liability in the ongoing evolutionary process. Most of the Healing approaches work on the basis that Humans are wounded and dysfunctional and need to be healed to be made "whole" again. The process of Awakening has led us to understand that we are and always were perfect and made in the image and love of God, and we chose to come to Earth to experience life in Human Angelic form. But yet, so many are still trapped in the hamster's wheel of considering themselves to be "blocked" from growth and abundance, and so perpetuating energies of lack and fear that move people away from Divine Will and Abundance.

There is a long history to the "wounded" view of humanity. It comes with religious control, how better to control people than to let them know that there is something wrong with them and then offer to fix it through superior knowledge and skills? In the 20th century, the rise of Freudian psychology gave impetus to the idea that dysfunction was rooted in childhood trauma and that one had to dig deep for it and work hard to heal it. And so, many people are still digging deep and focussing on their trauma. And being stuck in their trauma and lack and creating more trauma and lack. When we can move away from woundedness and trauma and lack, we begin to open to the truth of our existence which is that we are provided for and cared for in Universal Love, if we could only move away from the dramas of lack and trauma and perceive the Love!

In the New Earth energy, as Awakened beings we know that we live in this moment, and that we have Choice in this moment as to how we will think and behave and what we will do. We cannot give over responsibility for our actions to some event that happened in an illusionary past. The mind enjoys that, it allows us to deflect responsibility and avoid the responsibility of Choice. And indeed, being Awakened and being Conscious means that we are Responsible for our Choices at every moment, and that we have the capacity to make new choices at every moment. If we fail to make choices then we enter into inertia and stagnation, and we do fall out of the Flow of Cosmic Grace. Choices are the actions that we take in order to allow the Flow of Love to manifest our desires and needs. They are like direction signals for the Divine to show how and what we desire in life. Choices are Love and Life in action.

There is also a tendency as we Awaken and access our inner powers, for us to gravitate towards a point of view that says that we are Responsible for everything that happens to us. We create everything that we experience through our beliefs. Yes, to an extent, but we also Co-create together with others, and we are not responsible for their choices. They too have the right to choose, and to make choices that do not always align with what we want. This does not mean that we have failed, that there is something wrong with us, or that we need to try harder to manipulate them to do what we want through whatever techniques we have learnt. One of the biggest "aha" moments I had with this "belief" that I was responsible for others in my reality, was when an evolved soul pointed out to me that if the "mirror" in your reality was not reflecting who you were, then the best choice you could make was to release and walk away and find a person or situation who was a valid reflection of your beliefs, instead of trying to "work" on yourself and the situation until you were exhausted and burnt out. Life really is simple!

If there is any great shift and change in our Being and the way in which we live, as we come to Conscious Awakening, it is the understanding that we live in a Collective Dream that is created by all of us on many levels. We are not "in control" and the more we release the need to control and manipulate, and the more we learn to make choices within that Collective Reality, the more easily we can Align with the Flow of Divine Abundance and Love and Peace that is always there. When we can feel that Flow of Love, then we can easily make Choices that ensure that we align with that Flow and can Create and Draw on the Energy of Divine Love.

The release of control does not mean that we accept that we will spin into chaos and lack. Quite the opposite. Once we relinquish the need to control from the limited perception of the mind, and move into an Acceptance of the ultimate Good and Benevolence of All Life, we move into the vibration and frequency of Harmony and Balance, of Divine Will and Order, of the Light Codes of Divine Power that shape the Flow of Abundance into Blessings and Grace. And the more choices are offered to us as conduits for these Divine Blessings of Love!

But the key here really is the ability to just "give up" and to surrender and accept that at times we need to allow periods of readjustment and realignment. This is where I have found myself after the turbulence of the past few months.

As I feel the incoming Cosmic Light Codes for this year, I know that the focus will be on Harmony and Balance in this year. We are seeing the Flowering of the Seeds of Love that were planted two thousand years ago in the life and teachings of the Avatars Yeshua and Maryam, also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were the Ones who carried the seeds, in Israel and in France, and for many years the seeds lay dormant in the darkness. Now they are Flowering Forth as we awaken to the Light Seeds within. And, in this year, we will work with the energy of Harmony and Balance and Relationship.

There can be no Peace on the Earth until we can all learn to dream our Collective Dream in Harmony and Balance. For those of us who are Conscious and Awakened, we are learning how to be in the frequency of Harmony and Balance, starting with our own Inner Harmony and then moving outward to our Relationship Harmony. I have found in the last few months that I have had to work to find that Inner Harmony again, and that this has meant dealing with imbalances in the outer world of Relationship.

Mostly, this has come through having to confront imbalances in the Masculine and Feminine energies, which are part of the Collective imbalances on the Planet. With the Return of the Loving Energy of the Divine Feminine and the Nurturing energy of the Divine Mother Goddess, there have been turbulence and imbalance as we have sought to find Equilibrium. In this year, and in the time leading up to 2012, we will increasingly focus on that Balance and Harmony.

At the New Year in July, the Lion's Gate energy will bring through the energy of Divine Harmony, Balance and Sacred Relationship. This will be symbolized by the coming together of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Flames into Sacred Union and Harmony, which will be celebrated at the 10.10.10 on the 10th of October. At this time, and in this year, the Pink and Blue Flames will join together to create the Violet Flame of Divine Love that will Transmute and lower frequencies and align Humanity with the Divine Flow of Abundance and Peace. The Violet Flame will create a Space for the Golden Flame of Unconditonal Love and the Platiunum Ray of Cosmic Love and Creation.

In this year, the Magdalene Flame of the Divine Feminine Christ energy will become stronger and more powerful in its expression of Divine Love and Will. It will unite with the Ruby Flame of the Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness to create a Golden Rose Flame that expresses the Sacred Marriage of Divine Harmony. It is this Balance that will align Humanity with the Flow of Divine Cosmic Love and Divine Will and will facilitate the Collective Dream moving into the Flow of Divine Grace.

And so, in this year of 2010, the Year of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene Flame, we embrace the Flowering of the Seeds of Light in Peace and Love for All Humanity! We await the Flowers of Love and Light!

Indeed, as we Awaken, we learn to see that We Are the Flowers of Love and Light, and we Celebrate the Alignment of Humanity with the Divine Will in the Perfection in which we were Created!



oconshane 26th March 2010 8:52 am

Thank you Celia, much needed.
I put a sticky note on my frig that says "recalibrate/integrate"
Love and Blessings

susie_walker 26th March 2010 9:11 am

Lately I have become increasingly uncomfortable around people who insist that we create everything that we experience through our thoughts and beliefs. I can absolutely see that we co-create with others and that we are responsible for our choices, but I couldn't understand where the concept of other people's free will fitted into the fundamentalist belief that we absolutely create everything. Thank you, Celia for explaining it in this 'simple' way at long last.

:smitten: 26th March 2010 4:20 pm

Hi Celia I feel that you have accurately described my journey.I have done the wounded journey- looked at all my past and finally had to get out of it and just pretend I was Okay- then I became Okay! Now I feel like I have had an upgrade of sorts as to how I am in relationships. It started in January vaguely and as time went on it became crystal clear. I just feel the need to require more from me and the people around me because I have changed my energy. I am getting really picky as to who to co-create with because I am realizing it is such an important choice. Not in judgement but out of choice to experience love, joy, harmony and beauty. It is Okay to walk away in love. I really do feel like I was "upgraded" as it was just appearing in my awareness. Thank you for articulating this so well. Blessings to you.

mifasolasi 27th March 2010 6:22 pm

A realy Divine message!! :angel:
Thank you Celia, always on time !!! :thumbs:
Love :smitten:


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