Energy Shifts, Solar Eclipse, Solar Flares and Earthquakes

This is just a brief note for Starchild Readers to fill you in on some of the powerful energy shifts that are ushering in the year of 2010! After the very powerful alignments at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, the Earth has been in a process of shifting to a higher level of Harmonic Consciousness. This is a result of all the New Grids that have been laid down in the past decade at last coming into complete alignment and functionality with the activation of the Rose Grids that carry the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness. The Reconnection with the Cosmic Heart has created an acceleration in Consciousness in our Solar System that is being felt as rapid energetic shifts and changes.

The essence of the energy now is Flow and Change. What is not built on strong foundations will collapse under the pressure. What is in Harmonic Alignment with the new energy flow will flourish and grow.

With the activation of the Planetary Grids the ability to manifest and create Miracles in alignment with the Flow of Compassionate Love will be intensified as well. So, the disaster and loss of life in Haiti was a result of the pressures created by the shifts, where the poorest people on the Planet felt the effects of this powerful movement. Now, those of us who are in the position where we are stronger can Align with the Flow of the New Energy to direct this energy into the Creation of Miracles of Compassion and Love. Be willing to Create Miracles Together. Be open to all the Nations of this One Planet coming together to bring Love and Support to those whose lives have been affected by these shifts. We can do this together! Spirit asks that we focus our intention on Love and Support for all, and that we also hold the intention to create a structure in this region that will be ecologically sound so that in the future earthquakes will not cause this widespread devastation to the people of this island.

The New Earth future is about Building a Sustainable Future for all of us, and Spirit has chosen one of the poorest places on the Earth to show us what must be done. Together, we can focus and create a new future for this island and these people, who are Us and part of our One Family on Planet Earth.

At this time of powerful shifts and changes, it is only Love that will allow us to come through and to be Whole and Complete. As we offer Love and Support to those affected, we will have no fear because we will know that should we ever need it, then we too will be offered Love and Support by our Family of Light.

As awakened Family of Light it is our Work and our Mission to be the Love and to offer the Love where it is needed!

In the next few days we will continue to feel the powerful effects of these shifts in the Cosmos and in our Solar system. Do not be in Fear. Release Fear and move into Love and Compassion. This is the time that we have been prepared for by Spirit in the last decade. Be prepared to create Miracles as Family of Light. Be prepared to direct energy and love so that Miracles may manifest.

Also, do not be judgmental but accept all that is with Grace. We do not know what greater plan is being served, and our work is to accept what is and to act as we can in Harmony with Divine Will and Higher Consciousness.

So, at this time of Change, know that you are Loved and that You are Love. Know that, as Mary Magdalene says, You are Love in Motion. Use that Love to create a more compassionate and loving world, and one that sustains Life through Compassion and Love for All.

So, we are now feeling the effects of one of the most powerful Solar Flares of this Cycle, and tomorrow there will be a Solar Eclipse. The energies are being felt on all levels. Know that we are awakened and strong enough to move through this challenge! Know that we are Family of Light!

As for me, I am still bringing my physical being back into alignment after some powerful shifts in Israel. I am feeling much better and will probably be strong enough to channel soon, so I look forward to sharing information with you from Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene, as well as some of the information from the work in Israel.

Thank you to all the Beloved Family who wrote to me and asked after my health. I am much better now and am looking forward to getting back into the Work of Light for the year of 2010!


Pagin 14th January 2010 11:59 am

So glad you are feeling better Celia!! Thank you for the update. Stay well. :)

mifasolasi 14th January 2010 6:20 pm

Love, Light and a Big Hug to you Celia.!! :angel:
thank you for all you share with us..
Take care!!!!! :thumbs:
Love :smitten:

spring 14th January 2010 9:56 pm

A thousand blessings on you Celia and thank you for this as it helps me stay positive and focus my love and not my fear. With love to you and all,frances.

melanie moore 14th January 2010 11:10 pm

Thanks for your awesome messages and ao glad you are feeling better.... Take great care of yourself precious one... :smitten:

Judi J 15th January 2010 8:19 am

Rest Celia. Be well soon. Sending you a wellness energy and hope you feel it. These current times can feel overwhelming, yet also very exciting. Love and Light, Judi

missvindigo 15th January 2010 12:36 pm

Thank you for this supporting message!! :smitten:

Fill Craft 25th November 2010 4:00 am

this is all so interesting! I'm so eager to learn more about energy shifts and its influence on our life. but on the other hand, I'm a bit afraid to find out smth scarry...cause, you know, things are not so good as described everywhere. a higher level of Harmonic Consciousness or not, smth is gonna change and I want to be prepared.


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