Is it REALLY what you want?

So, here we are, moving into the final month of 2009. I can't believe that the year is almost over and that Christmas is just a few weeks away...again! If you are like me, you will be thinking of the year that has passed and all the experiences of that year! The activations of this year - the Diamond Light Grid and the Rose Grid - have certainly allowed for huge shifts into Higher Consciousness that many of us are still coming to terms with in all sorts of ways.

I am finding that the Diamond Light Grid, with its emphasis on absolute clarity and integrity is probably the most difficult aspect of the new energy that we are dealing with. It ties in with the Mayan information about the sixth night and the emerging of very deep insights and truths! I had imagined that this need for integrity and honesty would apply most in the way we deal with others, beyond manipulation and distortion, and this is indeed true. But it also applies to our own inner truth!

To show you what I mean, I had this very loving but somewhat interesting discussion with my Higher Self today. I was in the process of looking at the year to come and setting some intentions and outlining what I wanted to create and manifest. After I had finished, there was a silence and then my Higher Self said, quite clearly, "Is that what you REALLY want"?

Me: Excuse me?
HS : Is that what you really want?
Me : Yes.
HS : Are you sure?
Me : Well.....(thinking rapidly)
HS : Are you not settling for second best here?
ME ..(shocked silence)....Well....yes....maybe....but when I asked for what I wanted I did not get it so I thought that it wasn't meant to be and so I needed to move on and create something else.
HS : So, did that come from your feelings, or was it something someone else told you?
Me : Well, people have told me to let go, and it did seem like the best thing to do!
HS : But was it really what you wanted to do?
Me : No.
HS : So why don't you ask for what you really want in your heart. Do you not think you are worthy? You see, when you ask for something that is not your heart's desire, you are being dishonest with yourself and you then cannot manifest that creation because it will not be held in the Diamond Light grid. It will disintegrate into illusion, because only the Pure Love and Desire of the Heart may be held in the Creative Hologram and brought into "reality". So, when you ask for "second best" you are lying about the desires of your heart and soul.
Me : Oh dear...I see....but I keep asking and nothing I don't know what to do!
HS : Can you be patient?
Me : Yes...
HS : Can you also learn to ask more clearly for what you really want. You know that the Divine will always give you what you ask for. The Flow of Divine Love is so rich and abundant, that what is asked for in integrity will manifest for you. But, you must ask in integrity, and you must also learn to ask in such a way that the Divine can deliver it to you. Learn to ask more clearly and define more clearly what is the true desire and wish of your heart. Then, the Divine can support this creation clearly and with ease and grace
Me : I see. Thank You. But how do I really know what I need and want?
HS : What do you feel in your heart? What is it that you feel and desire. Can you define where your soul and spirit are trying to lead you. Try not to resist these urgings that come as Love and Desires of the Heart, but learn to flow with them in ways that seem loving and supportive at all times. Never think that you cannot have what you desire, even if it seems not possible. Know that what you love and desire is your heart leading you forward, and that all sorts of miracles are possible when you respond to love and when you are honest with yourself.
Me : Does that mean that you can just ask for anything?
HS :...(with patience).....No, means to ask for the love and desire of the heart. This is not greed or manipulation or power. It is what is pure and what serves the highest good for you and all others in any situation. The Diamond Light Grid and the Rose Grid only support creations and manifestations of the purest and clearest love. All else will be revealed for what it is and the illusions will be brought to light very rapidly.

So, I guess in this month, I will be careful to make sure that I am honest with myself and that I only ask for what I really want and what is in the highest good for all concerned. It is the time of absolute clarity, especially with ourselves!



LoveBeing 2nd December 2009 5:01 am

Celia, I kiss your hands for writing this lovely message. It brought tears into my eyes... Thank you dearest one. :)

Much love to you.

Milleniumfalcon 2nd December 2009 5:21 am

WOW, dear Celia, it brought tears to my eyes too... So many times I have been afraid of asking what my heart desires because I have felt unworthy, and have therefore felt I could not ask. Somewhere along the line you feel unworthy if you don't consider the needs of others in what you ask for.. at least that is my experience. I am learning to put myself first and although it seems selfish, it really isn't. I am just asking for what my heart desires :smitten:

kiredale 2nd December 2009 6:37 pm

This was exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you so much for this Celia.

mifasolasi 2nd December 2009 7:14 pm

Thank you so much Celia, for sharing this very powerful and so clear communication with your Self.. :) it is true and this very moment I experience things like those you mentioned.. pure disire becomes a creation immediately, other wishes or 'desires' not...because of the "second best".. we must practice to recognise oure real , clear and pure desire if we need it to become a reality..
thank you so much
love :smitten:


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