Looking Towards the Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 25th April

I found this image on Facebook, so I don't know who the artist is, but I think they have captured the energy that is winding up for the Partial Lunar Eclipse on Thursday.

As we move towards Full Moon in Scorpio, I am sure that most of you can feel this energy already in some way. The Scorpio Full Moon is, in Buddhist tradition, the Wesak Moon that celebrates the Enlightenment of the Buddha, so already there is a powerful "charge" that comes with the annual Scorpio Full Moon. But, this is the first Scorpio Full Moon after the 2012 Transit, and I do feel that this year the energies will be different because we are different. We are in a different Space and Place, and the energies will be felt in a more multi-dimensional and multi-layered way. This may sound obtuse, but let me explain how I feel that these energies are arranging themselves in our New Reality.

Firstly, a Lunar Eclipse is always a time when New Light Codes are installed on the level of the Archetypal Consciousness, allowing for an "upgrade" in the Energy of the Archetypes of the Sixth Dimension that shape our Consciousness and our Reality. Now, it is more than interesting that while the Sun is in Taurus, right now so are Venus and Mars...the planets that resonate with the Divine Feminine Archetype and Divine Masculine Archetype respectively. And, they in turn are opposing the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio. Now that is a powerful set of energies that will be impacting on our Collective Consciousness as well as our Individual Being.

The Sun, Mars and Venus in Taurus means that the energy is concentrated around issues of the second house, Love, Money and the Home. Now coincidentally, Archangel Michael has been speaking about these very issues recently in his teachings, showing us that "Sacred Space" exists within us, within our Hearts, and what is necessary for us to manifest and expand that Sacred Space into our immediate Environment and onto the Planet as a Whole. Being able to connect with the Divine Flame in our hearts means also that we are able to connect with the Flow of Abundance that issues from the Divine Heart. We have been prepared by his teachings to reach into ourselves and our deep Inner Sacred Space in order to manifest the Peace, Harmony and Abundance that we seek on the Earth. The Sun is now illuminating this Reality and sending us the Light Codes that will align us with Higher Consciousness and the Evolution of Humanity towards an expression of this Truth.

The New Archetypes for the New Reality Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have been introduced to us as Athena Solara and Apollo Solaris. These Ascended Sixth Dimensional Beings represent the Empowered Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Creativity of the New reality. In the Feminine Aspect. Athena Solara represents the Ascended Christ/Crystal Consciousness of the Divine Feminine, she is wisdom, beauty, strength, compassion and love. In the Masculine Aspect, Apollo Solaris represents the Ascended Masculine Christ/Crystal Consciousness, he is responsibility, power, discernment, creativity and love. In this period leading up to the Lunar Eclipse, these Archetypes will activate strongly, and you will find yourself possibly in situations where you have to draw on your Solar Christ/Crystal Energy and your Inner Power to illuminate your own "Sacred Space", whether an inner space of Peace and Tranquillity, or an outer space within your Home or Community that calls for Peace and Tranquillity.

When we look at recent events in the world, we can think of the recent case of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Many people wonder why this case has stirred so much interest and press space, when the equally devastating explosion at the Fertilizer Factory in Texas, cause unknown as yet, seems to be of so little interest? Well, the Boston events seem to "hit home", they make people feel threatened in their "safe space" and in their desire to be "safe" in their homes and in their communities. It is a moment when "home" becomes important, and issues of personal safety are paramount, just as is suggested by the energetic alignments in Taurus.

Now, why this becomes so intense, of course, is because these energies are in opposition to the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio. Big Whammy. The Moon in Scorpio does bring up deeply held fears and anxieties, and allows these to be acknowledged and released. Perhaps we can say that the fear and anxiety around the Boston events is also partly due to the rate of change and evolution on the Planet, where we have to acknowledge that "home" is not like it used to be. It is being restructured (Saturn) at a rate that makes it almost unrecognisable as the "home" that we used to know. In the past, there were always certain "certainties" that we could rely on in our community, in our country, our friends, our neighbours....now we are not so sure. This is not just in Boston or in America, but everywhere, globally. The Planet is changing and we are expressing our "anxiety" at the rapid rate of Change in this "post apocalyptic" society. We have had to accept that God is not going to conveniently end things for us and the Aliens are not going to save us from ourselves. We are having to stand in our Power and Be Responsible for our Lives.

Exciting, yes indeed, but also enough to make us a little edgy at times....

But now, let's talk a little about the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio, and then look at perhaps the Major Shifts that are taking place, maybe a little "under the collective radar" so to speak.

Saturn, as mentioned before, is a planetary influence always associated with restructuring and new forms of life. Scorpio, where Saturn now sits, is associated with deep archetypal energies, but also with Business and Money issues on a Community Level. Ah yes....the issues in Texas! The deep issue now is Business, Money and Corporations, and how these are restructured so that they reflect the values and needs of the Community. Why are we not more outraged at what happened in Texas, why are we not demanding answers? Why are we allowing ourselves to be focussed only on Boston? Maybe because Boston represents the supposed "known enemy" who is foreign, while the deeper problems "at home" are glossed over. Deeper problems like Agribusiness, Food Sources, Chemicals in Farming and the Environment and Sustainability for our Future.

But, this Lunar Eclipse says No....these issues cannot be glossed over, the time has come for BIG changes in business and corporations and "Responsibility" to the Community and to the Planet.

And, while I am writing this with an American focus, I think the same issues are confronting us all around the Planet in this New Reality. We are still just coming into a understanding of "I AM", and how we can balance this with "WE ARE". How the Individual who is the bearer of Divine Light Codes and Sacred Space, is also responsible to the Community and to the Planetary "Sacred Space".

We can be sure, that in the next few days, as we feel the powerful Rebirthing Effect of this Lunar Eclipse, that we will be in the process of Birthing New Forms of Life, not just for ourselves, but also for our Community and for our Planet. The Council of Elders, the Earth Keepers Council and the Solar/Galactic Councils are all working at this time to align and focus energy for this Rebirth. You can work with them by holding Sacred Space and Light in your Heart so that this may manifest on Earth.



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