Post the Lunar Eclipse: The Galactic Human Emerges and Living in this New Reality

I chose this images to illustrate this piece of writing because it seems to capture the essence of this post Lunar Eclipse period. It encompasses both our past and our future connection with the Star, with our Galaxy. And also the future that we look forward to from this moment as we emerge as "Galactic Humans".

I have had several "transmissions" about the Galactic Human structures and I will be writing about that soon, as the information settles. But, for now, life often seems a bit like a game where we have to make "sense " of our Reality by putting the pieces together. I know many people have felt unsettled and despairing in the wake of the 2012 Transit, where things seem to have become more challenging by the day, rather than easier. We are in a period of immense change on all levels, and we are indeed feeling the pressure. Also, because we are actually living "between" two realities, the old and the new, there is also a tendency for some people to try to ignore or cut out what doesn't suit them and to pretend that everything is "wonderful". Actually, this kind of repression then creates more pressure, instead of just accepting that right now it's a bit rough all round. Maybe not what we expected post 2012. But still, very exciting as we put together the pieces and see the new emerging.

So, here goes.....first the actual day of the Lunar Eclipse was a very Beautiful day here. There was an energy of Peace and Harmony and Potential, as the new codes were aligned and calibrated. It was a time to take a deep breath and celebrate the birthing of the New Galactic Human, and our emerging connection with the Galaxy on so many different levels. It was magnificent, and I felt very strongly not only the energy of our Spiritual Family, but also of the Earthly Family of Light, as we focussed on the emerging Energy of Divine Love as expressed through the energies of this Alignment.

It made me think of the Channel from Archangel Michael where he speaks of the balance between "I AM" and "WE ARE". As we emerge into Higher Consciousness we do realize that we are One, and that Individual Consciousness is very beautiful, but that it is also an expression of a much larger Group or Collective Consciousness of Being.

So, today as I had the opportunity to watch Dr Steven Greer's new movie "Sirius", I was struck by how this movie is being released at the exact time when Michael has begun to speak about the Emergence of the Galactic Human. We are changing on a very deep level and our bodies and Light Bodies being rewired to access the Galactic Grids. As I understand the information given, we are being given an extra level to our nervous system that links into the Third Eye area. This is like a superhighway or superconductor level that allows Light Impulses to enter the Body/Light Body complex, and to transmit energy, messages and impulses from hyperspace into the nervous system and eventually into consciousness. At this point, again as I understand the information, we have this new light "superhighway" functioning in tandem with our "normal" nervous system, and this accounts for many of the hyper-real dreams that people are experiencing as there is "overlap" between the normal nervous system and the transmissions from the "Galactic" connection.

This may sound bizarre, but it also accounts for why many people are feeling very tired and disoriented, as they seek to balance this new "connection" system, which as I also understand, is not only a vertical connection system, that is to the Galactic levels, but also a "horizontal" system that links us into the "group hyper-mind" on the Fifth Dimension. Quite a lot to digest, which is why I have not written too much about it as yet, although I can certainly feel it at work on many levels.

So, after watching Dr Greer's movie, I had a feeling of excitement and optimism, as I saw that the possibility of new energy sources and ways of living beyond the economic oppression that we have lived with for so long now, are indeed possible and imminent. The possibility of real change centers on us, on the "people" and our ability to wake up and demand change, to live change and to be that change.

But, what also struck me, was that becoming a new civilization that is free in all respects is not just going to happen because we can change our energy source from fossil fuels to free energy based methods, it requires a complete change of Perception about who we are and why we are here. If we can free ourselves from the current narrow paradigms of belief and see ourselves as Galactic Beings, belonging to the many Star Nations of the Galaxy, Children of the Divine Energy...Star Children, then we can begin to perceive of ourselves and the Planet quite differently.

Perhaps, as we embrace our own Freedom, we will begin to respect the Freedom of Others and to respect their right to life and well being. And this is a choice that we can make right now, or begin to make right now. We can start to implement the changes right now in this time of turmoil and change. It is time.

So, to return to April 2013, where we are right , and to look at the current news stories, not to ignore them, but to realize that they are telling us something about how we live and what needs to change. First there was the huge explosion at the Fertilizer factory in Texas that destroyed half a town and took many lives, and then the collapse of a Building holding Garment workers in Bangladesh. Again major loss of life and suffering. Both of these are deemed to have been "industrial accidents", and so we are shocked but not disturbed as maybe we should be. Why, I would ask, does a factory that is supposedly producing for the food industry need to blow up like an atomic bomb. What is going into our food? Do we need this to eat? In the case of the Garment Factory in Bangladesh, why were the workers, earning 38 US dollars a month, doing in a building that was known to be unsafe. Producing "cheap" clothing for the fashion conscious west? Do we need clothes made in the sweat and blood of the Third World?

As a Conscious Being, and one who understands the concepts of Energy and Frequency, I do understand why so many of us who live out truth and follow of Spiritual Path, still get "trapped" in lower frequencies. We eat food that is filled with toxins, chemicals and torture, and we wear clothing that is also filled with chemicals and produced in sweat shops by unhappy people who work in conditions of slavery. Probably our homes are filled with similar products. And so...the frequency that we live is is not very high. I know that many people say that all they have to do is "transmute" the energy with a dollop of the Violet Flame, but I feel maybe it would be a better idea not to have that frequency around anyway.

So, we can start to make a difference by becoming more conscious of what we eat and wear, and what we have in our homes. I know it is not easy, I love food and I love good clothes, so this one means that we really have to start looking at changes on a deep level. But we can....we can start here with ourselves and the frequencies in our homes and lives.

So, as far as food goes, I took the big step and became Vegan at the beginning of the year. I prefer the term, plant based diet, as it seems to be less politicized, but even better is a "Compassionate Diet". I just don't want anything on my plate to have been tortured, killed or robbed of its nutrients so that I can eat. I don't want a sentient being to have died so that I can eat. Simply..... Making this change required a lot of reading and research and finding ways of creating meals that were healthy, nutritious and attractive. And yes, it is possible and I am really enjoying the food change. So much so that I am compiling a book of recipes and ideas for others who may want to make the change too.

Then, as far as clothing goes, I have become a conscious sweat shop avoider. I always look at labels and I never buy anything made in Bangladesh or Pakistan if I can help it. I avoid Chinese as well if I can help it. Now, I know that many people argue that sweat shop workers with their 38 dollars a month, well, that is better than nothing. I would say in response, is that really the only thing that these people can or could be doing? I know of many community projects that are city based where unemployed people are given work creating roof gardens and food projects for their communities. But, these do require that we break out of the "conditioning" of media manipulation.

For example, here in Africa I ran a food garden project in a Township for 3 years. We did well and produced healthy and happy vegetables. The problem was, no one really wanted to eat them. They much preferred to go down to Kentucky Fried Chicken and buy a bucket of "delicious" toxic waste, or to buy the cheapest cuts of meat so they could make meat stews, than to eat vegetables. They were confirmed carnivores, and thought that vegetables were for the "white people", and here in South Africa it is an irony that most of the farmers who produce organic vegetables sell to the affluent white markets. So, a real change of perception and education is needed for people to wake up and understand that their food choice are toxic and that there are better ways to produce food and to prepare food. In my case, there was no point in trying to convince the township dwellers to cook differently, as that was just "white food" and of no interest to them. So, the concept of Compassionate Living has to start with us and then move outwards. But, it must start with us. Now.

As far as clothing goes, I remember when I was young and I had time, I used to make my own clothes. There was a different way of looking at clothes. You had your "best" clothes and your ordinary clothes, and getting something new was a treat. Now we just buy and wear and discard, based on "fashion". I would like to see us, me, all of us, breaking out of this economic "wheel" and learning to celebrate clothing as an extensive of ourselves. Taking time to choose, to adjust, to match, what we wear with what we feel about ourselves. Learning to value clothing, to recycle and upcycle and downcycle, this valuable resource. I never allow clothing to go to dump sites ever any more. For myself, I recycle on an ongoing basis. If I have finished with something, it goes into a big bag and is given to a Church in a nearby township for the poorer people. This is what I call "downcycling". Now the most interesting concept is "upcycling", where you can take old and broken objects and remake them into something completely new. This takes real imagination and invention, and produces unique garments that can be works of art! There is so much potential for people who work in the Garment industry to produce this kind of work instead of being chained to machines in factories that collapse to fuel a consumption industry of throw away fashion. starts with us and with our Consciousness. It is only when "I Am" can begin to see beyond the immediate gratification of the self that was so predominant in the 20th Century and towards the 21st century Consciousness of "We Are"....I am wearing a garment that was made by other hands and by other people...who were they and what did they feel? Can I feel good if they did not? What am I eating......was there torture and toxins involved in this product? Will my body feel happy if it ingests these kinds of products? Will I feel happy if I am supporting Suffering in the Collective, and will that suffering not enter into my Frequency if it becomes part of me? Only you can answer those questions. But, you will need to ask yourself, am I still asleep in the 20th Century, or am I awake in the 21st Century? Only you can answer that question.

And so, as we stand on the Threshold of the New, as we emerge as Galactic Humans, we are becoming ready to embrace a Great Love and Compassion. But it starts with us, and it starts with us moving beyond self-indulgent patterns of blind consumption and into a more awakened and compassionate way of Life. As we embrace this Future, we will then create that New Civilization that is our Birthright as Starchildren and citizens of the Galaxy. We are taking the first steps....right now!


Tiff 29th April 2013 8:09 pm

:thumbs: This is a beautiful msg. I'm doing my part as much as I could for now but I hope to contribute much more to this positive, healthy and compassionate kind of consumpution. Thank you, Celia

angelika 30th April 2013 10:45 am

thanks for this article, Celia.

I agree with the clothing issue. I recycle clothes and other knick-knacky things by taking them to what we in Endland call "Charity Shops". I only buy Eco friendly cleaning stuff and have refilled my washing liquid plastic bottle for about 3 years now. I'm doing ok, but I also know that there is plenty more space for improvement.

I've read a report a little while ago that fibre from clothing, especially bad are synthetic fibres, can end up from our washing machine into the oceans, where fish can choke on them. I still wear synthetic clothes for various reasons, ie wool is too scratchy :(, and was quite horrified when I read about some of the consequences.


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