So This is Christmas and the Solstice Festival

Well, two subjects that come up at the same time - the changing energy of Christmas and the resurgence of Light in the form of a huge Solar Wave that is reaching the Earth now and causing physical disorientation and discomfort for some people.

Well, first the topic of Christmas! I am not sure what Christmas is like for you where you are, but here in South Africa the energy of Christmas seems very diffent to previous years. It could be the economic recession, but the mad orgy of consumerist spending is just not happening this year. It is very quiet generally, and people are much more restrained. It could be the recession, but it could also be that the energy of Christmas has changed.

It feels to me that the reason for Christmas no longer really applies. The cycle is complete and we are emerging into the new. The birth of Christ as a child to redeem the world is now understood to be only part of the true story of the Christ energy. The Christ Light was born into Yeshua and Mariam, or Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and both of them were avatars of the Christ Consciousness.

With the activation of the Diamond Light Grid and the Sacred Rose grids, the full flow of the Christ Consciousness can be experienced on Earth. The seed that was planted two thousand years ago has flowered and become the Sacred Rose of Love. We should be celebrating the culmination of the work of Yeshua and Mariam, or Sananda and Lady Nada, as they are known among the Masters of Light. It truly is time to release the past, and to cease to hold Yeshua in the role of the "child" and Mary as the "virgin mother". Yeshua has ascended into Light with his Twin Flame partner, and they are welcoming us as we follow in their footsteps. The cycle is complete. The central mystery of the teachings of the Christ Light is the Union of Jesus and Mary as representatives of the Balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and their Sacred Union into Divine Light and Oneness. The mystery of their Oneness and their Individual essence. That they were One and yet they were each unique individuals who walked their own path on the Earth. And that they each brough the gift of the Christ Light to the Earth!

So, for me, this is about celebrating the Ascension of the Twin Flames who were the Christ Avatars, rather than the birth of a Child. The Ascension of two adult people who were committed to the path of Higher Consciousness and the service of Humanity in its Ascension into the Light. Now, that is something worth celebrating as we move towards 2012!

And, as we celebrate, we take on the energy of the Christ Light, we become the Sacred Rose, and we enter into a new cycle of spiritual evolution. For me, I keep seeing two symbols. The first is the Golden Chalice with a long stemmed rose inside. This is the symbol of Mary Magdalene, and it represents the human body as a chalice for the Light of Spirit and the opening of the Crown Chakra as the Rose of Light when the full Cosmic connection is made and the Being becomes multi-dimensional. The second symbol is one that was given to me in a is simply a Red Rose with the word "Peace". This represents the energy of Peace that will come as the Rose Light of Ascended Christ Consciousness activates within the Global Grids.

For me, this will be a special year, as I will land in Israel on Christmas morning, after travelling on the night of the 24th. I will be spending the time with Jewish friends and have been invited to celebrate Shabat with them. What could be more fitting at this time when the cycles are ending and beginning. For, in this new cycle, the energies of all who live in the Holy Land will be united in this Rose of Peace. I am looking forward to visiting Sacred sites and meeting with Israelis and Palestinians in my journey. And, the Rose of Peace will be with me as I journey where the Christ Avatars first set foot on Planet Earth two thousand years ago! A Sacred Space indeed.

And so, before that, there is the Solstice celebration of the 21:12. Traditionally, in the North, the Midwinter Solstice celebrates the Return or Rebirth of the Light, and of course that was why Christianity decided to make it a perpetual celebration of the "birth" of Jesus when the "pagan" festivals were christianized by the Catholic Church. And, it is also interesting that at this time, the Sun, which has been in a cycle of solar inactivity, has burst into life with a new Sunspot and Solar activity. We are now experiencing the effects of solar waves entering the Planetary fields. Those of us who are sensitive can probably feel effects such as dizziness, head aches, nausea, insomnia etc. These effects will pass.

But, we can expect that the Solar Light will intensify around the 20th and 21st, as the energy of the New Cycle begins. At the 21:12 we will complete the integration of the energies that were activated on the 11:11. We will have activated our own Rose Grids and will have become fully multi-dimensional, although we may only be aware of this to the extent that we can cope with the mental and physical effects. We are stepping into Divine Light, and yes the Sun itself will seem to be brighter and more radiant as we discover our inner Light and Radiance. Until, one day, we will fully perceive that we are Light and that we Radiate Light like the Sun!

So, I wish you all a most wonderful Solstice Celebration on the 21st, and a Peaceful Christmas filled with Love and Beauty and Joy. Celebrate the "Christ Mass", which is the Ceremony of Love of the Ascended Christ Avatars, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. May the Rose of Light be with you and bring Peace to your Heart and to your Life. And May Peace Prevail on Earth - Now and Always!


Those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere, are used to spending our Christmas Holidays in the heat and the sunshine. For me, a white Christmas means the white Agapanthus flowers, which are indigenous to the area in which I live and which grow in my garden and flower at this time of the year. These white and blue "Christmas Flowers" were photographed at the Star Garden in Johannesburg at the 12:12 Celebration. And this year, I hope that after I have enjoyed the white flowers here, I will also maybe enjoy some snow with my Christmas this year!



Leonardo Mancilla 19th December 2009 2:43 pm

Beautiful Celia. Merry Christmas and a very safe trip to the Holy Land. It seems a very bright light of peace and love will be present in the area in 2010 and you probably has the mission to help with that. Do your best.

Alegria 19th December 2009 2:51 pm

Thank you Celia, Your posts are always a bright light in my day. Opening my Spirit Library email each morning is like opening a present on Christmas morn and seeing a post from you within is just what I asked for. Blessings to you and yours this Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year.


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