Switching Tracks and Rewriting the Planetary Akasha

These are indeed strange times that we live in, and as I was thinking about the events in Libya today, I realized the World that we emerge into will be completely different to the one we have just left. At this point I received a "transmission" or channel from the Cetacean consciounsess...the Whales who are the Keepers of the Planetary Akasha. This is a channel, so if it resonates fine, if not, then pass on.

According to the transmission, as the Earth moves into the Fifth Dimension from the Third, the Planetary Akasha or Records are also being rewritten. This is a process of writing "backwards" from the Future. Time is, after all, an illusion in the quantum reality, so what is happening is that the Future Reality is already in place, and we are "writing backwards" to ensure that the Present aligns fully with the Future that is in alignment with Divine Will.

In the old 3D timeline, the Planet was heading for catastrophe, and there were many prophecies that saw this. So, many of the Indigo children who came to "engineer" the shift were souls from the Future whose specific work was to ensure that the 5D present would align with the Future that was necessary for the Earth to survive and to create a Golden Cosmic Civilization. These ones are right now busy on the Soul Group level with this process of aligning the Present with the Future.

This means that certain major events that would have happened have been avoided, or have been "toned down" so that the destruction is not complete. These Souls who have this "mission" are working to ensure that the Earth passes into the 5th Dimension as easily as possible and with the minimum of loss of life and disaster. But, this is like editing a movie, the new "timeline" has to be linked into the old one, but certain things change. So it is, that many people are in fear of the "end" because that was the old timeline, but the new timeline is bypassing the "end" and aligning with the Future! The New Earth Future!

This affects us on the individual level and as well as the Global level. In your own life you may have noticed that certain relationships or careers that seem so promising just seem to come to an end. This is because they are not aligned with where you are going, in the Future that already exists once the Transition is complete.

Your movie is being "edited" so that you get to the place that you need to be, on time and in good order. And the same applies to the Planet as a whole. The highest good is being served.

So, I am told, things will continue to be very weird for most of this year, until the 11/11/11 when the Earth should be fully aligned for the entry into the trajectory for the new timeline and the Future that is now. And as this happens, the old Akashic records are cancelled in favor of the new, and it is almost as though certain things never happened!

And so, one of the best ways to cope with the current energies is just to accept that whatever happens is taking us and the Planet to where we need to be in that Future New Earth that is forming right now.

It is all in Divine Order. The "Future Engineers" have it under control on the higher level, we just have to fasten seatbelts and go for the ride. Nothing will ever be the same again, and for that we can be deeply grateful!


GridworkerPam 23rd March 2011 9:36 am

Thank you, Celia! This definitely resonates with me, because I got goose bumps when I read it.

Time is getting weird, and I'm becoming aware that my multidimensional self is busy on several time lines. My soul family and I are "now" busy with reunions in past lives, future lives and in other non-physical dimensions.

I love the analogy of film editing the bridge from our 3D present, backwards from our 5+D future! It's sounds bizarre, but it resonates. I too believe that by 11-11-11 we will have completely shifted into a new Earth. These are exciting times!

misterkite 23rd March 2011 12:18 pm

This is a very comforting and eloquent posting - I love the metaphor of re-editing the movie, and ensuring the timelines of the present meet up wth our future destination. It also brought to my mind a image of re-laying rail tracks - I've had that feeling this year of thinking I'm on one track and finding I'm actually on another! I'm now trusting more and more that all is well, just remain as fully present and responsible as I can be in the moment!

Bless the whales!

Ron Laswell 23rd March 2011 1:01 pm

So true, Celia! When I was younger, I envisioned a lot of painful, calamitous events occurring. Now, older and wiser (?), I envision less destruction, and more love and gentleness. Peace and blessings to all. Ron

Steve and Patrica Amarant 23rd March 2011 7:31 pm

Bingo!! Dear Sister Celia, Real nice message..resonates well within me. Nice work. Gratitude!

Gingertrue 24th March 2011 11:28 am

Thanks Celia for a positive outlook. I am quite tired of everyone insisting that I respond to all the negative prophecies for the immediate and coming years. After reading your article, I feel more comfortable with keeping my positive attitude for what is coming.
thanks, Ginger


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