The 9th Wave and Finding Ourselves while honoring the wisdom of the Past

So, here we stand, at the beginning of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar, which commences on the 9th of March and culminates on the 28th of October. According to the writings of Mayan Calendar authority, Carl Calleman, this will be the most intense period of evolution that the Planet has seen, and will result in Earth finally reaching Cosmic or Universal Consciousness. This is what Archangel Michael has been saying for quite a while, and the webinar/channel that We did with Jim Self on the 21st of December (Solstice) last year was specifically designed to assist people to prepare for this shift into Cosmic and Galactic time waves.

I am always so grateful to Michael for providing the information that we need before the time! At this point, the 9th of March, we will enter a more intense phase of this energy, as forseen by the Maya many centuries ago. I will be doing an online free webinar with my friend Sean Caulfield, in which we will briefly explain the essence of the Mayan calendar and the 9th wave, for those who are not familiar with this, and then do an activation with the Spirit Keepers to align with the incoming energies in a greaceful way that is filled with love and free of fear.

If you would like to join the webinar at 9pm PST on Wednesday the 9th, please go to the Starchild website where you can register.

It is also true, that part of the process that we are passing through in this rapid period of evolution and change, is an integration of the wisdom of the Ancients and the Indigenous peoples. As Michael has said in many channels, this wisdom must be reintegrated into the Collective Consciousness before we can move forward. In our modern culture, we have lost our connection with Nature and with the wisdom of our ancestors, and so we are learning now how to reconnect and integrate this within our sense of Who We Are. It is necessary and it is a part of the "healing" of our Being back into wholeness and "Oneness". But, this morning I was reading through some information about a certain recently prominent teacher who has used the ceremonies and teachings of the Indigenous peoples in ways that some consider to be lacking in integrity. Now, while I do not want to get into that debate, it does occur to me that there is a tendency for people to want to "integrate" the wisdom of the past and of the indigenous peoples by becoming them in some way. In my travels around the Globe, I have encountered "Native Americans" in the Middle East and "Indians" in South America. What is it that makes so many people want to abandon their own culture and become something they are not? Do we imagine that if we dress in the clothes, wear the feathers and beat a drum that will magically make us into a powerful shaman?

In my own view, I think it is a symptom of our disconnection from Nature. In our consumerist culture we have no idea how to get back to nature and our inner connection with nature, and so we "borrow" from cultures that seem to be successful. I say "seem", because most of these cultures are as lost and disconnected as the rest of us, and are also seeking to reconnect with their past and their roots, whether they are Tibetans, Lakotans or Khoi-San in Africa. And so it is that so many of us are drawn into "dressing up" as Indigenous peoples and pretending that we have what they have, or what they had in the past.

I must admit that this was a part of my development as well. I have tried out being "Native American" and "Indian" and "African", and in the process have worked with some incredibly gifted and wonderful people and been taught by people I would call Shamans. I know Shamanic techniques and can use them in healing and ceremony, but I know that I am not an indigenous Shaman. I am a western educated person seeking to reconnect with my inner divinity and power and my connection with nature. And, surely this is what all of us are seeking, no matter what culture we belong to.

The essence of the search seems to me, not wearing the feathers and eating the mushrooms, but finding that deep inner connection in your own way. In a way that resonates with who you are and your connection to the Earth. This is what I have been teaching with Archangel Michael in the Webinar intensive that I am doing right now.

Certainly there are Shamanic teachings that resonate universally, I think. I am not that sure any more. When I do events and we work outdoors, I love creating a fire circle at night, or working with the medicine wheel as a way of introducing people the the concepts of elemental honor and connection. But I was aware, quite recently, of the rather strange energy of trying to introduce a group of Russian Lightworkers to the Medicine Wheel in a St Petersburg forest, just meters from a wooden church structure that represented the wisdom of the Russian ancestors. We did connect with the Elemental energy, we managed to create a thunderstorm that resulted in a power outage in the city of St Petersburg! From that adventure I learnt to be much more careful in working with elemental energies that are unstable, since at that time of the great fires in Russia the elemental energies were in a state of great instability.

What was given to me later, is that the connection with nature resonates most deeply when it is made from within and in a way that honors nature in the Heart. It is about the values of the Indigenous traditions, respect for Nature and honor for all living Beings. It is about learning to live together in Peace and to honor all with whom we share the Planet. In this time, it has become an urgent necessity that we rediscover the values of sustaining the Earth for future generations and not just taking what we need and not thinking of the damage we leave behind in our search for more. And yes, I do believe that doing ceremonies in nature that honor nature is an important part of this reconnection. But I think also that these ceremonies should be ones that we create from our own inner sense of who we are and how we relate to nature in the place where we are. And they should integrate who we are and where we are with a sense of the "now". We are not living in the Stone Age or in Tribes, most of us have to deal with the complexities of modern urban life and social organization as we make our way back to the "Mother"...our connection with Nature.

Certainly, the Shekinah Light, that has been coming to our Planet in increasing intensity in the last year, will bring us closer to the Divine Feminine within and assist our journey inwards to the "self" that is the Divine Flame of Love and Truth. It is within each one of us, and we can find that reconnection within, in the Heart space of Love. In fact, this is the only place that we will find it, and by accepting who we are and why we are here.

To honor the Indigenous ones, we must know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. And that we chose to born where we did and into the social groups that we did. In order to know the Self, we must first embrace who we are and why we are here. That is difficult for most of us if we are low on self worth. It is easier to dress up in a Romantic costume and to pretend to be someone else in another culture. But, sooner or later we will need to come home to ourselves, and be ourselves. And then....we will discover that we are All Things and that we are Connected to All Things.

We Are all that We Will Ever Need to Be. Right Here and Right Now.

This is the video I made with Sean as we talk about the 9th wave and the incoming energies and working with the Indigenous Peoples in Africa:


dineega 9th March 2011 1:03 am

Thankyou for this ... although I must question the reasons that you believe people are wearing the trappings of other cultures.. from my own and other peoples experience it makes more sense to see this as a rememberance of past lives that are emerging (we have probably lived them all)and they are embracing their re-emerging true cultures that are buried under the eurocentric experiences of this age..if we go back in any culture far enough we will find all are shamanic in their roots and all have similar trappings.
Whilst I too am an 'educated' westerner, I have never believed or acted in this way and have thus been on the outskirts of an alien culture all of my life...Blessings and peace :)

CyndyC 9th March 2011 11:17 am

Thank you so much for this. . . very affirming of how this has always been true for me. As a teenager in troubled times, I found sanctuary amongst the trees on my own. As an adult in my 40's I have since explored many paths and have grocked the underlying universal wisdom from each, which does reside in each and every one of our hearts. I believe we are each meant to shine the light of that wisdom in our own unique way as the Love that we are. Thank you so much. . .


KT 9th March 2011 11:44 am

I too find the comments somewhat strange we have to connect to the strands of ourselves hat we have discarded for what ever reason and call those parts of ourselves back to ourselves, surely this is what shamans do when they heal you they retrieve the lost part of you that is wounded and that, from fear or circumstance we have separated from and I say that whatever it takes and whatever culture, practice or country you need to connect with to do that, then that is what must be done, these are soul fragments and may have been left behind in other lifetimes, this is the life time that we are to become whole again, so it makes sense to reconnect to that memory or lifetime or impressions when it has served it's purpose it will fade away. It is said that an old soul has lived at least 1500 life times can you imagine what parts of that energy of those lifetimes have been left at various place/dimensions waiting for our return.....
Do whatever it takes and if it makes you feel good and connected to Spirit then be your own guide because that is what true "Empowerment "is all about!!!!

StarEnergy 9th March 2011 10:52 pm

sounds to me she is working from her fears and uncertany of what was created,no matter "educated" in our beging or otherwize we still creat and we forget how powerful were are with intent. nature is a great teacher for that. its all a journey.
enjoyed the artical


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