The Energies for December 2009

Celebrating Sacred Spaces and the Flowering of Love in the New Earth

Beloved Lightworkers, and so it is that you have activated the Sacred Rose Portals for your Earth and begun the process of working with the Sacred Rose Grids. There is great Joy in the Celestial realms as we watch the radiant energies of your Hearts and Souls activating these new channels of Light that link you together in a great Flower of Love. There have been huge shifts in your reality, beginning with the 9:9 in September and culminating in the opening of the 11:11:11. You will only begin to perceive the magnitude of these shifts as you move into the new year.

Now, as you enter into the month of December and you approach the 12:12 and the Solstice of the 21:12, you will have the opportunity to settle into these new energies and to begin to appreciate the real beauty of this new Grid of Love that is unfurling in the Higher Consciousness of the Planet. We ask you to imagine a Radiant Template or Flower patterns on which the Sacred Creative energies of the New Earth will be patterned, and then anchored into manifestation.

Beloved Ones, this is a time to celebrate the opening of the Sacred Rose in your Higher Consciousness and the full activation of the Ascended Christ Consciousness in the Human Collective Consciousness. It was achieved by the massive effort of light work that was undertaken by all awakened souls on the Planet between the 9:9 and the 11:11:11, to ensure that this Sacred Grid would be anchored into the Planetary Hologram at this time. This is why so many of you feel tired, exhausted and depleted. You have held the Light consistently and you have worked with the Higher Realms to create this portal or bridge of light that will be the access points between Higher Consciousness and the Material Plane. In the future, the Designs and Desires of Higher Consciousness will be anchored into the Rose Grids and then brought into manifestation as pure expressions of the Higher Consciousness of Humanity.

Beloved Ones, this is a time to celebrate. This is the "Second Coming of the Christ" that was long awaited. Indeed, the Christ Avatars, the Masters Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, who came to Earth two thousand years ago, brought within themselves the seeds of the Sacred Rose Consciousness. This was expressed in their lives, in their work and teachings, and in their relationship. They were the Divine Union incarnate, the Sacred Partnership that birthed the New Consciousness that manifests for you now and flowers into this wonderful shift and miraculous transformation. At this time, the seeds that were planted in Israel and in France, have flowered forth, and their work has reached its culmination in You! You are the Sacred Rose, you are the Second Expression and Flowering of the Christ Consciousness on Earth. You are Heaven seeded on Earth in the form of Beauty and Love!

Beloved Ones, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were channels for Divine Higher Consciounsess. Through their physical bodies as a man and a woman, they served as portals for anchoring Divine Consciousness on the Earth and expressing the Divine Will. Their personal Rose energies were fully activated and they were guided to be an expression of Divine Love. So indeed, is each one of you when you open your Sacred Heart to Unconditional Love and allow the Sacred Rose of Light to unfurl in your Crown Chakra. Then, you become a Multi-dimensional Being, a Portal for Divine Love in a Human and Physical body. This is the culmination of the Human Angelic transformation, when Spirit and Matter become One and function as One.

And so, as you enter into December, you have much to celebrate! You will celebrate the 12:12 opening on the 12th of December and you will celebrate the Solstice energies of the 21:12 on the 21st of December. We ask you to feel at this time, the presence of the Sacred Rose energy, the culmination of the Twin Flame Union of Divine Masculine and Femienine, when the two become one and open to the Flow of Magic and Power from the Cosmic Heart of the One! This Divine Magic flows through the Rose Portals and into the Heart and is manifested as Magical Love and Miracles of Light!

Beloved Ones, let this also be a time to celebrate Sacred Spaces. The gift of the Rose Portals is indeed the return of the Sacred to Planet Earth. You may have seen and felt the increase in power and intensity in your ancient Sacred sites as the Diamond Grids and the Rose Grids were activated. The Cosmic energies and the Celestial intelligences that inhabit these frequencies were once again able to connect with you directly though these Sacred Sites and you were guided to be present at these Sacred Spaces. This is because it is these Grids that carry the Divine energy of Sacred Space. This is why, also, you were reconnected with the Elemental realms, as well as the Cetacean grids, in this year, so that Humanity could begin to work as co-creators in the manifestation of Sacred Spaces on Earth once again.

Beloved Ones, if you imagine this beautiful Rose Grid with its Flower like geometries, then you will see that each flower is a "nodal point" where the Sacred can manifest into form.

Now, each one of you is a Sacred Rose, and a potential nodal point for the expression of multi-dimensional energies and the expression of Divine Will on Earth. In order to achieve this, it is necessary only to open your Heart and become fully what you are - an expression of Divine Love in Motion. When you can perceive yourself as such, you will flower into the energy of the Sacred Rose and you will become a channel for Divine Love.

What this means, Beloved Ones, is that you become the holders of Sacred Space. It is a space where Divine energy flows and manifests. It is a space for Divine Magic and Miracles and Love! Remember, when you enter into this Higher Consciousness you become a living and moving portal for Higher Consciousness, and people will experience you as such.

Of course, Dearest Ones, when you work together in groups then this power is greatly magnified, and certainly powerful energies and miracles can be activated. And, more importantly, Divine Love flows to everyone and into the Planet. And, Divine Love is what creates Sacred Space, it is what creates Heaven on Earth and a sense of safety and support for all.

And so, we would like to share with you also that not only will your ancient Sacred Sites be strongly energized, but you will also begin to manifest and create new Sacred Sites and Temples of Light at many of these "nodal points" on the Grids. Some of these will be temporary, and will be held as Sacred Space for Group Initiations and Activations. But, many will be permanant in nature, and will form the Centers of Light for the New Earth.

Beloved Oners, these Centers of Light will not be associated with any specific religion or path or Master. Rather, they will be Sacred Spaces where anyone can go to honor the Light within and to connect with the energy of Divinity. Those who are called to hold such Sacred Spaces for others will be honored for their work as Keepers of Sacred Spaces. They will hold the Sacred Flame of Humanity's Divine Essence in their hearts and they will anchor this in the Spaces that they create and share.

Many of you will feel called to begin to participate in this new work. Firstly, you will connect with your own Inner Divinity, and then you will manifest this by creating Sacred Spaces in your own homes and lives. This you will share with others.

Then, you may feel called to participate in gatherings where Sacred Space is being held and anchored for the New Earth. Finally, you may feel called to establish or co-create a Sacred Space that will become a Temple of Light where all may share and celebrate the Divine Light within Humanity and in the presence of Spirit and Celestial Beings.

celestial presence

These Temples of Light, and indeed the Gatherings of Light, will be nodal points for the expression of Divine Cosmic Magic and Power, where the playful energy of Love in Motion may be brought into form as the Highest expression of Divine Will on Earth.

And so, Beloved Ones, we ask that at the 12:12 and the 21:12, you hold within yourselves the intention to be Sacred Space and to serve Sacred Space. Hold the intention to be a portal for Divine Love that may be shared by All on the Planet. For, you are not separate, you are one family, and you live on one Earth. We ask that you share this Divine Magic and Light with All that you meet in this month of December.

Then, as you enter into 2010, you will enter into the Year of the Sacred Rose, when Earth once again begins to manifest Sacred Spaces that are filled with Living Light, Joy and Celebration! These will be Multi-Dimensional Points of Creation and Magic for the manifestation of the New Earth energies.

May you be Blessed with Love and Joy in the month of December.

For the Energies of the 12:12 and the 21:12 the channeled "Prayers of the Sacred Rose" from the "Sacred Rose Gatherings" material. These are the Prayer of Mary Magdalene and the Prayer of Kwan Yin. (video of the prayer here)


new_birth77 1st December 2009 1:30 pm

Me like too:) I really love Celia's messages and this oneis so in line with the energy I'm feeling at this moment...and as we enter into 2010, which feels/is noticably different than the past where being drained, tired, confused for such a long, long while, with sudden bursts inspiration here and there, has been the norm. But in a nutshell: 2008 was great, 2009..Divine, but 2010,...Where have you been?!?! :)

z 1st December 2009 7:14 pm

While I read all messages on this site and always find clarity and/or validation in their essence, my thoughts are that the messages by Celia Finn do not seem appriopriate for this site.

It is very clear to me that these message are based on old spirituality. The new energy does not base itself on any old spiritualy modalities and concepts. Any mention of Jeshua, Mary Madeline etc other than by way of a base for conceptal analogy: is a reflection of the writers lack of conscious expanison. To base messages on old spiriality is not the point for this website.

If you want to include messages on old spirituality, then why not include all past ascended masters ?

Of course I can aply my filter system and not read many of the messages, but by reading the some of the comments it is clear that many readers simply accept that if it on this website then it must be 'sacred' information about the new energy.

I beleive the keepers of this website have a responsibility to filter out 'old spirituality".

Sula 1st December 2009 8:05 pm

Thanks for this message. I feel so much more optimistic after reading it.
I look forward to the new frequencies.

Alegria 4th December 2009 11:30 am

TO Z: I cannot believe that you could say such a thing about Celia's work. You must have another agenda. She does not represent old spirituality by any means. If you want to see old spirituality check out the marketing gurus worming their way into sites like this and those wanting to be "the new spiritual leaders" (their definition) that's religion american style! We know all that will slowly slipping away as Love and Acceptance of the new Earth anchors here more and more( Which is what today's message means to me.) Possibly you are referring to ancient teachings, which I feel have more validity today than ever before. What it means to you is your business,and if you don't resonate to Celia's work there are many messengers and something for everyone. Go find one.


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