The Fifth Dimension and the Family of Humanity

In this year, as Earth time accelerates into the Fifth Dimension, life sometimes becomes almost unbearably intense and complex. Sometimes, this is a beautiful and joyous experience, as it has been for me in the last two months, and sometimes the intensity is hard and difficult, like it was for me today. But, even in this sudden shift into difficult energies, I can see that there is a new pattern of life that is unfolding in such a wonderful way. This pattern shows me that we are Becoming One Earth and One Family of Humanity in beautiful web of life.

The two events that created intense feelings today were, firstly the sudden and unexpected death death of a young son of a friend in Europe, and, secondly, the events in Israel and the deaths of 9 people on the Gaza Aid boats. Both of these events took place thousands of miles from where I live, but both touched me very immediately.

The events in Israel have created immediate reaction and condemnation outside of Israel. Inside Israel there is fear and uncertainty and despair, judging by some of the reactions I have seen. For me, I think of my Friends and Family of Light who live there, people that I love, and I feel anxious for them. Yet the world is changing, and I know that soon war will no longer be possible in this Fifth Dimensional World. We are all so connected and interconnected, on the higher dimensions and literally on the material plane, as we become Global Family. Global events are no longer far away things that we read about in the news, but things that touch our lives and those of our friends and loved ones.

Life is, in many ways, fragile, not only that of the Planet and her ecosystems, as has been demonstrated by the huge damage of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but also our individual lives. This was what I felt when I heard that a beautiful young child, the son of a friend in Europe, had died suddenly in an accident. How fragile life is, and how short it can be.

And yet, life is so Beautiful and so Rich and so incredible Intense and Vibrant. As I sat tonight and though about the events, I felt waves of intense love. I felt love for the Planet and for Humanity. Here we are on this beautiful Jewel of a Planet in the 21st Century, riding the waves of Cosmic energy that are lifting us into the Fifth Dimension and a new reality, and yet still dealing with what it means to be Human and to Love and to Nurture those that we love as well as our Planet. I felt intense love for my Partner, who supports me and loves me, and for my Friends and for all the Family of Light on Planet Earth, those of us who are conscious and awakened and working for the New Era of Love and Peace. I felt each one of us in a Golden Network of Conscious Light and Love.

As a Channel, I so often convey the beautiful ideas of Spirit through my words, yet tonight I wanted to convey the beautiful energy of Humanity, of us, of our Dreams and Desires, our Love and our Hopes, and the miraculous life that we live on Planet Earth, Yes it is finite, it can end suddenly, sometimes it is difficult and it hurts us. But sometimes can be so incredibly beautiful and radiant and filled with love.

At this moment I truly feel and breathe the connection of the Fifth Dimension. I feel it as immediately as my breath, and I feel it in the beating of my Heart. I feel it when I wake up and when I go to sleep in God's Grace. I see it in the eyes of the people I love, in the words of those that love me, and in the laughter and tears that we share.

I keep saying it, but Life is Good! I feel such an intense Joy in the simple existence of Life and in Being Alive that was not possible for me in the old energies of the Third Dimension. In this new and beautiful place, the web of life is a beautiful web of interconnections that is at once gentle and loving and passionate and intense and immediate. I can only celebrate what I have become, what we have become together in the New Earth. We are truly Beautiful...together...As One.

I do not know what will happen in Israel. I hold the intention of Peace and Safety for all my Beloved Family in Israel, and I know that all will unfold according to Divine Will and for the highest good. We are all Loved. And for my friend who lost his beloved child, I can only know that in this New Energy the Soul of a Young Child returns to the Light of God effortlessly and with Peace and Grace. The Angels open their arms and welcome the Ascended Soul back Home. It is all part of the Design for Life on Earth and it is all an expression of Divine Love and Grace.

When I wake up tomorrow, I do not know what will await me, the nature of life in the Fifth Dimension is not security and habit, it is the unexpected and the flow of life filled with infinite possibilities. My work is to choose what will be and to manifest through intention and focus, and to accept what is given with gratitude. And I do. For I know how the Earth is filled with so many Souls who have offered to come here to see what they can experience and achieve in material form, and that so many of us are now conscious of what we are doing to create our lives and to create a Planet of Peace and Love. It is Beautiful beyond words, and I am grateful. I am grateful to be here and to be alive at this time of Transformation and Change.

I am grateful for this New Energy and for the opportunities that I have to express my creative energy and to experience Planet Earth. I ask only for each one of you that reads this that you also experience the deep joy and love of the Fifth Dimension. As we work to create a Planet that has clean Oceans, Clear Air and that grows healthy food for healthy people, we can do it in a conscious and loving way. We can do it with gratitude and awe for the opportunity, and we can release the anger and low self worth that seeks to blame and judge. Or not. The Choice is Ours!

For me, I celebrate Life and the Beauty of Life, and I accept that sometimes it is difficult and hard. But above all, it is an Adventure in Time and Space and the expression of Love and Creative Energy. In this New Fifth Dimensional Reality, with our center point between Compassion, Love and Creation, we can only stand in awe at the Beauty of the ongoing Gift of Divine Love that is Our Planet and All Who Live and Breathe on her at this time!



kay 2nd June 2010 9:09 am

Another beautiful article, Celia. Thank you.

Ísis 2nd June 2010 11:25 am

The death of our friend's son also touched my heart... :(

misafir 3rd June 2010 3:59 am

Good point. This Israeli attack (piracy), I beleive, is a key event.
What a great historical paradox it is, that after appx. 3500 years the Israelis are again under Pharaoh's dominion. But, this time the Pharaoh is not far away, rather too close, so to say, in their own government. This Pharaoh mentality is again killing innocent people, and works extra time against peace and freedom and against human rights.
That (reincarnated) 'few' is again on action to crucify Jesus, to crucify 'Peace' on Earth. That 'few' is again on action to prove they are no less a Hitler, no less a Pharaoh, in attempting genocide with dedication, stubbornness, and blindness.

misafir 3rd June 2010 4:12 am

But, we should also know that, they have no power unless we follow or obey them. So, they are actually a test for us, in this game field, and some will play the role of the evil, the Satan. To evolve us (in conciousness). Lets recall that throughout the dramatic experience of Hitler's case, the public conciousness of Europe had evolved and resulted in today's peace structure of EU. If there was an evolved public conciousness then, there would be no Hitler then. (Just people would laugh at Hitler's arguments and take him to a hospital, to a doctor.)

misafir 3rd June 2010 4:22 am

An awakening will occur in Israel. The public will feel the 'spirit of time' and react this Pharaoh mentality (of the few) inside them, ruling them. And, like they did in the leadership of Moses 3500 years ago, they will again drown this 'Ego'-centric 'Pharaoh' mentality in the waters of Red sea surrounding the 2012 bridge. I am sure, indeed sure, this time Israelis wont let them to crucify Jesus again. They wont let them to crucify 'Peace' on earth. Not this time.

LauriLumby 3rd June 2010 1:42 pm

Dear Celia,
I look forward to your posts whenever they arrive. Again, you remind us of the invitation to TRUST TRUST TRUST. This is the foundational perspective of my own work in Authentic Freedom - Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy ( to be released in book format this fall!). Contentment and Joy are inner qualities dependent on our ability to seek fulfillment from the Divine - and not in the illusions of our external reality. In this state....all of our needs are met in abundance. Thank you for your ongoing support and inspiration.

In the light,

Lauri Lumby
Authentic Freedom Ministries

JudgeNot 19th December 2010 5:09 am

Please don’t add an energy of lie, deceit and hate if you can. It will only come back at you in the reality events you perceive.It is your faults you judge on others – that is why wise man in all cultures taught us to judge not our brothers – but only ourself.And also that what you project into your world, that is what you will get back.
What every honest man knows today, and didn’t know at the time when this post was written ( I know Celia is all about love and compassion and non-judgment as opposed to your comments):The Israeli didn’t attack intentionally but was provoked by a well planned ambush of killers that were concentrated on one boat – that is why no other boats got hurt.You can also see this from the footage that was obtained from those events – footage I am sure you have seen and deny because it doesn't fit your hate dogma on the Israelis.No other country would allow smugglers aiding an enemy state, one that fired numerous rockets on civilians for 6 years in a row, without checking what they are delivering.

JudgeNot 19th December 2010 5:10 am

Events over the years shown smuggles of weapons in ambulances and false humanitarian disguise but I guess you didn’t catch those news reports.

Israel declares openly that any humanitarian aid that will be brought by land will be delivered, but those killers on the boat wanted the provocative way. By the way, It turned out that those "aid" products were out of date medicine and food – which shows how much they were focused on aiding..

I think you’re intentions are good. But you are feeding and spreading an energy of hate. Focusing on judging one side, and neglecting to see the other side contributions, in that way you are caving into duality and aid the war. Your efforts to incite hate against Israel by comparing them to the devil, and reminding the crucifixion of Jesus is on the edge of being Anti-Semite – do you really want to use the energy of jew-haters blaming the crucifixion on "the Jews" in order to feed the hate against Israel? Don’t' you think that in the new energy such attempts will turn against you, not to punish but rather to teach you a great lesson of love

JudgeNot 19th December 2010 5:10 am

(in continue of previous comment)
a great lesson of love, compassion and non- judgment?

I don't know what your real intentions are, but you are contributing to violence – no excuses: clear and cut.
If you want to see a balanced, true peace inviting approach to the middle east:


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