The Lion's Gate.... And The Body Electric

I am in the middle of intensive preparations for my trip to the Middle East/Turkey Region, but I needed to share this with you, as I felt it was so exciting. It has to do with being PRESENT in your own life and noticing the Miracles of Right Now. story is about the Physical Body and the incredible energies and changes......

In the last month I have been through an incredible healing transformation. I did not notice it at first since I was so busy and I wasn't feeling very good with all the energy symptoms. Then I noticed that things were happening in my body. I had been having constant pain and discomfort in my left leg for almost 18 months, and also pain in the hip joint area and in my hands.

Arthritis and inflammation maybe. So, at the beginning of the year something said to me that I needed to change the way I was eating, and so I switched to a Vegan/Plant based diet after 30 years of being Vegetarian. I also started seeing a Thai Massage therapist, and upped my Yoga practice to two intensive sessions of Vinyasa Flow Yoga a week.

Just before the Lion's Gate I started to feel not so good and depressed and emotional. Ok....just symptoms. As the Gate opened I felt really bad and my body suddenly felt very very Electrical. I had been waking up to these currents of coolish energy in the morning, but as we moved into the gate it went crazy and I felt like I was being electrocuted. And my brain was being fried.

But as the gate closed I noticed the changes in my body. The pain was gone, I was walking and even running with ease, like I was 20. Oh yes....something happened. My body activated a Self-healing mechanism that was very powerful. I had not been able to shift this before, but now it was gone!

I have to say that in the last two months I have been working intensively also with the New Galactic Human Template and the Elohim Energies. The Elohim were our Designer/Creators and they work with a Blue Fire Energy. I belive that this was what I felt in my body. Intense waves of Elohiom Blue Fire that either came in with the Lion's Gate, or was something already in my Light Body system that was activated by the Lion's Gate influx!

I also feel that this was only possible because I had worked through this Activation and was open to allowing this powerful Healing Energy in my body. Also, I think the Yoga, which had been focussing on opening up the hip area, allowed the energy to flow into those places where it was most needed to heal. I also belive that the plant diet eliminated toxins and stagnant "sludge" in the body also allowing the energies to flow and be activated in the body.

This was the way our body was designed to work. I have always considered it strange that we were designed by such a High Intelligence, why did they include disease and sickness. Well, they didn't. We just have not been using the body the way it was designed. It is an Electrical/Energy mechanism with a powerful self-healing ability.

It is also true that once we take this step into the New Energies, we become responsible for our own healing, no one can do it to and for us.

I have to say too, that it was not a "pleasant" experience as I did not understand what was happenign until I started to notice how I felt and people started to say that I was looking good, even though I didn't feel that good. But now I understand that my body needed that space to heal. Maybe in ancient times I could have gone to a healing Temple to just receive the energies and integrate them peacefully! I understand the Body Electric and I am ready to work with these small and beautiful miracles that are a part of the New Galactic Human.


laughlight 17th August 2013 8:06 am

will send sacred prayers for your work in the challenged region ~
and thank you for echoing my own experiences in what you write...minus the vegan focus. Will try it more conscientiously now. I thought it was just old sports injuries creaking my knees, the foundations of my life, really
silly me
Bless this writing, it comforts & eases...


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