The New Earth Energies December 2013/January 2014

Beloved Family of Light, in this month of December 2013 and into January 2014, your Earth is making major shifts and adjustments in Frequency as it begins to anchor the Frequency of the Gold Ray.

The Sun has been assisting with this frequency shift, and the intense Solar activity of the last six months has been assisting in recalibrating the frequency of the Earth and allowing this new frequency to settle and anchor.

Beloved Family, we know how difficult this has been for you. As Light Family, you have had to work to hold your Light despite the challenges that have confronted you at many levels.

Now, in this month of December, you are completing the work of 2013 and beginning a new path of Manifestation and Abundance. In this message we will discuss first the shift from 2013 to 2014, and the powerful energy of the 12/12 and the Solstice, and then we will look at the incoming energies of 2014 and the role of the Crystal Children who are becoming young adults. 

2013 : The Year of Transcending Duality

The Earth shifted into her 5th Dimensional timeline in December of 2011. In December of 2012, the Earth began her New Cycle of Time as the "New Earth", and now in December of 2013 you will be given the opportunity to enter into your Mastery of Light by transcending duality in your life and anchoring the Gold Ray of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

This has been why it has been such a difficult year for so many of you. At every level and at every moment you have been asked to make choices in your lives. Will you react in the old ways of duality, or will you transcend this and choose to find a path of reconciliation, compassion and love.

For many of you, this new path has been difficult, for the path of love often starts with self love and with learning to say "no" when necessary. So many of you have had to learn to make space for yourselves and to say "no" to things that no longer work for you or perhaps never really worked for you.

This has been uncomfortable as you have slowly learned to transcend duality and conflict and rise into the frequency of integration and complementarity. You have had to learn to make choices and to be responsible for those choices as true Warriors of the Light.

But, the rewards have also been great. As you have reached into yourselves, into your hearts and souls, and into love, you have also transcended pain and suffering and moved into Joy and Peace.

The long journey of many lifetimes is nearing its end as you begin to adjust and settle into the Frequency of Gold and the Christ Consciousness. This is a place of Harmony, Unity and Peace, a place of Abundance and Joy. It is the frequency of knowing that anything is possible and probable, and that you are empowered to create the life you desire. 

The Golden Wave 12/12 and 21/12

The final "shift" into the Golden Frequency is being powered by a Wave of Golden Light. This commences with the 12/12 portal and will culminate on the 21/12 at the December Solstice. In these ten days, the Light will continue to rise and you will certainly feel the effects on all levels of your being.

You may feel filled with Joy and Light. But, you may also feel awkward and uncomfortable in your body. Your cells are vibrating at an accelerated frequency, and you may again find yourself experiencing "ascension symptoms" that make you feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable.

This process will culminate or peak on the 21st of December at the Solstice, when the energies of Renewal and Rebirth will be strongest. The Earth will align with the Galactic Center and a strong wave of Diamond Light will also assist to lift the Frequency of the Planet.

Then, from the 21st to the 31st December, the Earth will be integrating the new frequencies. This may also be a volatile time as the New Energies and the Gold Frequency is anchored in the Earth Grids. Then, finally, on the 1/1/2014, the process will be completed. 

The Incoming Energies of 2014 and the Role of the Crystal Children

In 2014, the Earth will be anchored in the Fifth Dimension and will be vibrating at the frequency of the Gold Ray of the Christ Consciousness. This frequency of the Christ Consciousness will initiate a powerful surge of awakening on the Earth. People will be awakening at a very rapid rate, and you will have much work to guide and assist them in this process if that is your mission.

But, you will also find that those who cannot raise their frequencies to the Gold Frequency will fall into stress and anxiety and despair, and will only be able to see the chaos and disintegration of the old energy grid.

But, Beloved Family, you will have powerful helpers in this year, not only in the Angelic Realms, but also in the Crystal Children who came to the Earth with the express mission of anchoring the Christ Consciousness on the Planet.

The first Crystal Children began arriving on the Earth in the early 1990s, and these beings are now moving into their early twenties. They came with their Light Bodies fully "wired" and ready to accept the Christ Consciousness energy and the Gold Frequency. In 2014, they will be "switching on" and helping to raise the frequency and anchor the Gold Ray on the Earth.

These Crystal Beings are powerful Warriors of the Heart, and they were born for this moment! They are young men and women who are ready to step forward and let their Light shine on the Earth.

And so, Beloved Family of Light, 2014 will be the year in which the Gold Frequency is anchored on the Earth, the Diamond Light is received and the Crystal Awakening occurs. These are indeed exciting times for all of you!

We wish you much Joy and Light in these shining times of Light!


Peter fox 20th December 2013 6:53 am

Exciting times indeed,Celia! Wonderful explanation of what is going on and what to expect. Isn't it just fantastic!! Have a great Christmas and a
magical New Year! Everyone!!

LauriLumby 20th December 2013 3:20 pm

I'm feeling it! I woke up this morning with a powerful urge to hold the world in love. And this has continued throughout the day. Feelings of bliss, joy and love radiating through and out of me. I am also finding my mind very restless, specifically with thoughts of those in need of love. The restlessness ceases when instead of ruminating on the thoughts, I direct love toward whatever is arising in my mind. A powerful time to be sure!

Lauri Ann Lumby

Peg D. 20th December 2013 8:43 pm

Many of us have been holding the golden energies for a long while now. I find it disturbing that so much emphasis is placed on crystal children. We cannot overlook all those who went through painful transformations, not because they did it wrong but because that is what it took so others could be born into a higher frequency.

Also, the golden light is the color of the earth grid. Gaia is receiving two big bumps in frequency so the grid will be fully lit.

chloe 20th December 2013 10:01 pm

Thank you! This message was very helpful and uplifting to me. :)

blissbunny 21st December 2013 12:43 am

I think ultimately we clear ourselves, but these things always go both ways and the awake kids will need wisdom, support and sometimes just someone to talk to thats understands them (regardless of where all our frequencies are, and it doesn't matter either).

Strange times, nobody knows everything or is indeed a 'clear channel' the mind is always going to filter it... go with your own intuition I reckon.


blissbunny 21st December 2013 12:45 am

oops, that was a reply to love radiates!

shine on babe and Merry Holidays!

LordJesusChrist 22nd December 2013 11:58 am

The Good Force be with you!

Good posts, Archangel Michael by Celia! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, New Earth 2013!
Welcome Happy New Earth 2014!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:

kay 22nd December 2013 10:24 pm

they need us. we need them. we all need each other. it's just different cycles.


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