The Purpose of Love is Love and Passion!

Well, that might sound like and intriguing title, but it actually sums up some of the thoughts and feelings that have come up as a result of the powerful Rose Energies of Unconditional Love and the Diamond Light of Clarity.

In recent years, one of the most common questions that people write and ask about are around love and relationships. The need for Love and Connection is very strong within us, and as the energies rise to higher and clearer levels of consciousness, we are all searching for new ways to express and define love in our lives.

I often hear also, heartbreaking stories of people who have attracted and found Soul Mates and Twin Flames with whom they feel they are destined to work, and then they are devastated when these relationships don’t work. I recently watched two friends who had come together with the conviction of being Twin Flames, and then watched the relationship fall apart as they struggled to balance their energies in the intense work/love relationship they had set up. It was all just too much and the expectations were too high and too intense. Of course, the standard response to such situations in the past has been that they were “not ready” and “not clear enough”. But, with the intense energy of the Diamond Light in our midst, it seems like there is another possibility. I began to think about the real purpose of Love, and I asked Mary Magdalene to reveal to me the true nature of Love and its purpose in our lives. According to her information, the purpose of Love is Love and nothing else.

Yes....the purpose of Love is Love itself.

I think in our culture, as we clear old belief systems, we are still struggling with the last remnants of distorted “Christian” energy, the protestant belief that we are here to work, and the catholic belief in “a mission” as a purpose for life. As we clear away these distortions, we come to the realization that we are here to experience and express Love, and to continue to grow and expand in our ability to Be Love.

Can we accept that our only “purpose” here is to experience Love and to express Love? Can we believe that we are deserving of Love and that our Love will be received and appreciated? This is the zero point for any relationship. People are brought together to explore and express love. How they do that is up to them to decide within their own creative energies and desires. When the issue of a need to be within the relationship for any other purpose arises, then the energies begin to become distorted as other needs and agendas come in. In the example given above, the pressures of working or business relationship are often too intense and extreme to support any other kind of relationship, and the energy of love is lost in the energy of needing to “do something” to prove that the relationship has a “higher purpose”.

There is no Higher Purpose than Love.

Of course, how that love is expressed is up to the people concerned. There are people who enter into soul mate unions and do set up very successful business and personal relationships, and are able to balance their personal feelings and their working relationships. But more often than not, this is not successful and leads to stress and heartbreak.

How wonderful that we are being liberated from the need to express and be anything other than Love.

However, this does not make it any easier! Most of us avoid the intimacy of pure love in other things and activities. We indulge in sex, work, emotional dependency and family structures, rather than entering into a true process of exploring Love and Intimacy without losing the Essential energy of Who We Are.

And, of course, that brings us to the essential fact that we need to know and love ourselves before we are able to love and share with another while knowing our personal boundaries, needs and desires. If you “merge” with another being and you do not have this strong sense of self, then you risk being drawn into the energy of the other person’s life and being in ways that are not healthy and do not promote your own expansion and development in Love, which is the purpose of Love. To Be and Create more of itself! And so, the first “cracks” will appear in any relationship when either of the persons involved feel that they cannot be or express who they are because the other person’s energies and expectations are too strong for the Love to be maintained in a Balanced and Healthy way.

And, of course, what love itself is and means between two people is also something that creates expectations. Most people who think Soul Mate of Twin Flame immediately think Romance and Sex. If they are young, this goes with family and children. If they are older, it goes with the expectation of meaningful work. But, remember, the purpose of Unconditional Love is the Love itself, and when that Flame of Pure Love is not tended, then it tends to get extinguished in all the other expectations that demand attention and energy.

So, what emerges in the Diamond Light of Higher Consciousness and the Gentle Nurturing of the Rose Energy, is the possibility of Love for the sake of Love itself. And that love expresses itself through Passion. And this passion is not specifically sexual, but is the Divine Creative Passion from the Heart of Source that flows like a River of Life and Abundance from the Heart of God. When people connect with Divine Passion, they express the Divine essence in all that they Are. When two people express Divine Passion in their Love, then the energy is closest to the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine energies that creates Galaxies and Worlds! It is a Magical and Creative experience of Great Power and Intensity that is felt by all who come into contact with the energy of that Love.

The Highest and Clearest Form of Love. Unconditional and without Expectations. But also Pure and Clear with intention, focus and commitment. To the Love itself and experiencing the Flame of Love at the Pure Level of Divine Expression.

Well, maybe John Lennon was right...all you need is love, love.....Love is all you Need!

Have a wonderful and loving day on the 12th!


johneblums 12th December 2009 6:58 am

I have been fortunate enough to experience an unconditional love with my "dream-star Lover" who is also my celestial female over-lighting spirit guide and shadower. She has not been incarnate on earth in this cnetury, but has many previous lives, mentioned in the old and new testaments,in ancient egyptian hitory,as well in the the mysteries of the rose lineage and the holy grael templar mysteries. We sometimes speak about great romances and loves in peoples earthly lives, but the love and unity with my female counterpart in the spiritual realm has no comparison, as that love is more real and totally uninhibited and unconditional compared to any romantic dreams on earth. However, it does make life on earth sometimes seem somewhat solitary due to the 'separation' that occurs upon awaking : ie the almost daily dawn return of my soul/spirit aspect back into my physical embodiment. "A kiss from a Rose with Star-light Hair and a Golden Crown is my breath, life and love..."

Pagin 12th December 2009 9:48 am

Thank you Celia~ this was a very profound reminder of what love is about.

I was recently involved with someone who was on a soulmate level, and yet, as your article pointed out, if the person doesn't really know themselves, how can it work out? Especially if the expectation keeps changing. I like the idea of no expectations, if that is possible. Love just for loves sake. Wow, how that would simplify things.

IN Love & Light~

amrita111 12th December 2009 1:43 pm

.."the essential fact is that we need to know and love ourselves before we are able to love and share with another..." Mmmm, isn't the truth that the purpose of "love is love" about the journey? Trial and error? Experiencing that which appears not to be love to better understand and embrace love? Twin flame and Soul Mate? Perhaps the mere mention of these ideals brings a longing, a fantasy-like expectation. Love is the purpose of love! Therefore, the love we share we another is always aligning us with truth no matter what our relationship title or how much we "think" we know ourselves (our thinking doesn't change what we already are- love).

The Course in Miracles sums this up poignantly in the Introduction:
"The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite."

In loving gratitude for these wonderful posts- Amrita

mifasolasi 12th December 2009 5:39 pm

Lots of Love to you Celia and lots of Thanks for sharing Love and your Light with us.. :angel:
M :smitten:

bluestflame 12th December 2009 11:37 pm

love without expectation , without ownership , a different way of looking at a love affair , just a thought


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