A Higher Vibration of Love - Valentine's Day 2009

Yes, it is that day again....the day associated with Romantic Love. Usually I enjoy all the red hearts and roses, but this year something seems very different about the energy. The shops are still selling all the usual stuff, but it doesn't seem to reflect where we are right now. Since the two Eclipses and the activating of the Elemental codes, we have certainly been feeling the energy of the Elementals on the Planet. We are feeling the lack of balance and respect on all levels, and this includes the human heart. We seem to have forgotten how to love and honor each other from the Heart.

So, it seems a wonderful synchronicity that, according to an inspired astrologer from Canada, we are now, on this day, entering the "Age of Aquarius". Apparently, as mentioned in the musical "Hair", in the song "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius", the moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, so Peace and Harmony are here to stay. Well, it's only a song, but it seems to indicate that this Valentine's day is really different, and it is bringing in a Higher Definition of Love, a Higher Understanding of Love, a Higher Vibration of Love.

When I was at school I remember being taught that it was the Greeks, I think, who had 14 different words for love. Romantic love was "eros", and spiritual or higher love was "agape" and then there was another word for humanitarian love. The Greeks thought love was complex, and maybe it is, but maybe it is also very simple. Love is Love when it flows from the Heart and expresses support at the level of the highest good. In the New Earth Love is the "One". It is the Law of One.

So, to bring the two topics together, the Elemental imbalances here in the Southern Hemisphere have caused devastating fires in Australia, and to a lesser extent here where I live. In both cases, the devastation that has been wrought by the fires has created opportunities for love and support to flow from the Human Heart and be expressed in wonderful ways. I am sure that many of you have seen this picture that was sent to me by Helen Matthews of Australia, as it was widely published in the press, but here it is anyway:



According to Helen, this little bear had escaped the inferno and was being helped with water by the fire fighter. It is such a touching image of love and compassion being shared. Does it take this kind of disaster to introduce us as a Collective to Compassion and Higher Forms of Love? Here is what Helen has to say :" As I live close to the areas affected, I would just like to share with you. Yes there has been great devastation including loss of life of at least 200 people, but also from that, what is coming through from all Australians and some parts of the Planet is Great, Great Love. The whole country is really pulling together to show all those who have indeed lost loved ones and possessions that out of loss can come Hope, Compassion, Peace and Comfort. I feel very proud to see such healing love being shown. There are many Lightworkers in the Melbourne area, indeed we hold the balance for all of Australia and many parts of the Planet. The Lightworkers are really uniting to hold the Light for Miracles to occur. It is a Joy to see and feel the energies that being created to enable the area to start perhaps on its long journey of being recreated. Yes, we have called on the Elementals and the Devic Intelligence to help us in the process. You can be sure that small cities of light will be rebuilt, from this event."

Here, where I live in Cape Town, South Africa, we have also been experiencing hot weather and high winds, with the result that for the last week we have had fires in the mountains around the town where I live. We have been breathing smoke on and off for a while, although it seems to have been put out at last. But, during the week, in the community where the Starchild Children's Foundation works, one of the homes that we support burnt down because the grandmother was cooking outside on an open fire, an African tradition, but the high wind set fire to the house. The structure of the house remained intact, but everything inside was destroyed and there was smoke damage. The community helped them to put out the fire, but after that, they were left alone to cope. These are poor people, they have no insurance and they can't afford to pay people to work for them. I was very proud of how Wilma went into action. She organized a team of young men, including our Dominic, to help to clean up the rubble and and clean the inside of the house. She contacted all the organizations that work in the area, and managed to replace all the basic essentials that were lost in the fire. Our Starchild Project was responsible for transport and we replaced the kitchen crockery, other organizations replaced clothing, electrical appliances and school books for the five children.

Here is the mother standing outside her house after the fire.



And here she is with her five children with the gifts that the Starchild Foundation donated to the family:


So thank you to all those who donate to our Project, this time you helped to give a new meaning to the 14th of February as the day of Love. These people certainly felt your Love and Support on this day!

So, for me, the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius has certainly begun with many lessons in the Higher Vibration of Love. That is not to say that Romantic and Erotic love are not part of our lives, but in the Aquarian Age, increasingly it is this Higher Definition of Love that will become important. Love as Support, Love as caring....giving water to a little bear or help to a family in distress. It is Love within a community, it is love that honors and respects the needs of each one of us within the Web of Life and Love. It is the Flow of Love along the lines of the Web or the Grid, so that each living being that exists on the Web of Life is loved and supported and nurtured by the Divine Intelligence as it expresses itself through Miracles of Love and Caring. And, a heartfelt thank you for each one of you who has helped to create a Miracle in the lives of Others! Next time...maybe it will be your turn to receive a Miracle of Love. After all, it is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!


Debra Favata 17th February 2009 1:34 pm

The Love expressed with these two stories is the Love that is spreading all over the world. Some call it random acts of kindness but it trully is "Love One Another".


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