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This is the question that children always ask when they have to undertake a long journey and they get bored and frustrated. "Are we there yet, Dad?......and of course Dad always says..."Nearly.....", even if it still a way to go. This is what many of us seem to be experiencing right now. I have been looking at the mails that have been coming in, and the "symptoms" that people describe, and the way I am feeling myself quite often, is indicative of anger and frustration. The Physical symptoms all suggest anger that is finding release in some way, even if we are not aware of it on the conscious level.

Well, I have also noticed that nothing seems to be moving forward right now as well, and that is not just Mercury retrograde. I have been working on something vital to my life since early January, and it is still not moving. And so I sit and sit, and every few days I go to the bank and talk to them, and nothing moves because some nebulous factor in "head office" is holding up the process, and no one knows what it is.

Gridlock! Not only are we not there yet....but we are caught in a traffic jam!

And it is all an Illusion. An illusion that is disintegrating and dropping away. There is no journey and there is no traffic jam. We have everything that we need right now and we are simply still in the process of setting ourselves free from the illusion that life is a linear journey and there is a great struggle for resources in order to cope! Am I ever tired of that one!

Well, it is very strong "out there". There are lots of people who are telling us that there is not enough, there is lack, there will be disaster, and so in their limited and linear minds, they are creating disaster. And since we are all connected, we are picking up on the "disaster consciousness". Now, we have been working for the New Earth, and by now we feel we should be sitting in luxury enjoying life and not having any problems. Just sitting and "manifesting" our every desire into material form. And so, not only are we dealing with gridlock and lack, but also frustration and anger on a deeper level.


Well, Michael's presence says to me gently, this is the time of transition. You are all One, and so you are transitioning together. You have agreed to do this work as a Collective, so it is not about individuals creating wonderful lives for themselves while the rest get left behind. It is about creating wonderful lives for the entire Collective.

But, this is not a linear journey and its is not dependent on us doing something to unlock gridlock. We need simply to take ourselves out of the gridlock and the traffic jams and shift our consciousness to another level. We need to bring in our Divine Essence and focus on the Now moment, and celebrate what we have in the Now. In the Higher Levels of Consciousness, you are connected to your I AM prescence and you know that you are Infinite and always provided for at all times. You can therefore feel Gratitude at all times. You can open yourself to the experience of Beauty and Trust, no matter where you are. You can access the Joy and Love that is the Core of Who you Are.

You can also be Compassionate and Loving to yourself if you do become frustrated and angry. We are in transition, and we are still assisting the Collective to move from Limited Third Dimensional thinking, into an understanding of the Abundance and Infinity of all Creation. We have to do this ourselves, first.

It is only when we can move our inner consciousness to a place of Infinite Abundance, that we will free our outer reality from dependence of limited resources and decisions at "head office" that seem designed to stop the flow of Abundance. They are illusions. Often, your I AM presence will use such "jams" to give you the time to experience your anger and frustration, which you would not do if you were to continue rushing down your linear path in the hope that something wonderful is "just around the corner" if you could just get there.

Are we there yet?

Yes we are. We have been for quite a while. It is just a matter of Being...of Being fully present in the Now....of being present in your Highest Self and your Highest Potential...and knowing that all you need is within you. It is a consciousness of Peace and Ease and Acceptance. All is Well.

But, one also needs to be grounded and cope with the demands of material life on a day to day basis. So, I am off to the bank today to see if I can move "head office" into action. I am not angry or frustrated, I see it as something of a game...will they or won't they....? And I know that everything will be always is. Everything is in Divine Order. It always Is.



IY 12th February 2008 1:28 pm

Sounds like you're dealing with a stubborn bank of old energy in your way! Like a big snowbank, we know it will melt away sooner or later. Best wishes that you, and we all, may soon experience the new more loving energy in our daily lives all the time!


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